助理建筑师 羲和清零 128

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 128: Breaking Point


Zhang Siyi blushed and said: “Don’t talk nonsense. We haven’t done it yet!”

This question is absolutely off-limits. Normally, if he was with a friend to talk dirty, it wasn’t an issue, but the object of their discussion is sitting right next to them. How can Zhang Siyi talk about it!?

Still curious, Tao Fei continued: “What? You haven’t done it? How long have you been together?”

Zhang Siyi coughed: “Only half a month.”

Tao Fei: “How long have you known each other?

Zhang Siyi: “Half a year…”

Tao Fei: “Shit no! You have been acquainted with one another for such a long time and now that you are together, you still aren’t motivated to do it yet? You must have a problem!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Tao Fei shook his head and in an overly dramatic exaggerated way he said: “I must say, it certainly doesn’t seem like you really are together.”

Zhang Siyi vehemently responded: “We are!”

From beside him, Tao Fei glanced at Zhang Siyi and squinted. He questioned: “If you liked each other so much, then why were you strangers for more than six months before suddenly falling in love?”

Since Tao Fei was right on the money, Zhang Siyi was powerless to rebuke. Indeed, Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi experienced a long period self-torment due to their secret love of each other.

Tao Fei added: “Generally speaking, in the initial stages of a relationship, otherwise known as the blackout period of sanity, couples have a love period for about three months. During this time, the human body and brain are affected by dopamine. The impact of the high levels of hormones in the body causes the person to be in a blind state of love. They can’t see each other’s shortcomings and feel that everything they do is cute and perfect. What’s more, not only are they in each other’s thoughts every minute of the day, they also want to be with each other physically and be intimate. Do you feel way?”

The accuracy in which Tao Fei described his current state, shocked Zhang Siyi. Day in and day out, Zhang Siyi felt like his life wasn’t complete without Gu Yu. Does the feeling really only last for three months? Zhang Siyi always wondered why Gu Yu liked him so much. Was it purely the effects of the dopamine? What will happen after three months? Will Gu Yu calm down and change his mind?


Mulling it over in his mind for a minute, Zhang Siyi eagerly wanted to hear what Tao Fei would say next so he frankly answered: “Yes.”

However, his answer is based on the fact that Tao Fei does not know that he and Gu Yu are a pair. Since the premise of the discussion was set up as a girlfriend, Zhang Siyi’s answer is equivalent to describing his feelings for a woman that doesn’t exist. In society, since people default to women to play the passive role in a relationship and traditionally men are supposed to take the initiative to act, Zhang Siyi is answering Tao Fei in a way that suggests he was the one to initiate their romance.  However, in this case Zhang Siyi is more in line with the role of the passive party.

When he answered Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi subconsciously looked in Gu Yu’s direction. Seemingly without care, Gu Yu was reclining casually on the bed while browsing pages of the iPad without saying a word.

Watching Gu Yu’s lack of interest, Zhang Siyi suddenly felt a little depressed. After all, Gu Yu knows that Zhang Siyi is talking about him and he expected Gu Yu to at least glance over at him, but instead Gu Yu isn’t smiling or even acknowledging him. What the hell?!

Fortunately, Tao Fei’s next question brought back Zhang Siyi attention: “If you want to, then why not? In my opinion, having sex is the way to confirm your relationship. What have you been doing for two weeks? If I were you, I would overwhelm her like a hungry tiger!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

At the beginning, he also wanted to pounce on Gu Yu, but he did not know how to. Not only that, but in his attempt to seduce Gu Yu, he was the one overthrown and forced into submission. So embarrassing!

Tao Fei: “So, are you just patient or does she not want it?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

On the contrary, in the present situation it’s not about Gu Yu, but Zhang Siyi. He hasn’t been able to accept the notion of his bottom being penetrated. (=_=)

Seeing that Zhang Siyi did not answer, Tao Fei glanced down and questioned: “Or is it, that you aren’t confident with your skills in bed?”

“Pfft–!”Zhang Siyi choked.

Tao Fei kept Gu Yu in his line of sight as he spoke to Zhang Siyi. – Damn it! He doesn’t even respond to this!

Not wanting to talk about himself further, Zhang Siyi quickly changed the topic: “Don’t patronize me. What about you?”

Watching Zhang Siyi reaction, Tao Fei’s eyes lit up. – This little fool’s problems are really wonderful! Hey Brother, I’ll continue to add more fuel to the fire. Listening to your lover, how long will it take for you to act?!

Tao Fei sighed: “What do you mean, what about me?”

Zhang Siyi: “With your androgynous image, I don’t understand whether you like men or women. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Laughing out loud, Tao Fei winked at Zhang Siyi and asked sweetly: “What do you think?”

Zhang Siyi broke out in goose bumps: “How should I know!?”

The first time Zhang Siyi saw Tao Fei he did suspect that Tao Fei was gay, but in the subsequent days of contact, he also felt that Tao Fei character was completely straight. He simply liked to joke around.

With a mischievous grin, Tao Fei said: “I have always thought that I’m straight.”

Zhang Siyi: “Eh? Before? So how do you feel now?

Tao Fei: “However, recently I like a person who is a man.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”   Why is this experience so similar to him!?

Feeling like he was ambushed over his sexual problems, Zhang Siyi was surprised at how frank Tao Fei admission was. How could Tao Fei say something so unscrupulously? In the eyes of others, is he not afraid of what other people think about him? On second thought, with Tao Fei arrogant character, he probably wouldn’t care about the opinion of others.

In a long draw out sad tone, Tao Fei joked: “But I only just learned that the person I like belongs to someone else.”

Zhang Siyi was stunned and immediately remembered what he had previously suspected about Tao Fei feelings for Gu Yu. Zhang Siyi was on high alert.

The room fell into a strange silence and after a few seconds Zhang Siyi found the courage to inquire: “What kind of person do you like?”

Tao Fei glanced at him and said: “Since we work in the same company, you know him.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Fuck !!! This guy really likes Gu Yu! Is it appropriate to admit it in the presence of Gu Yu?

But Zhang Siyi couldn’t stop Tao Fei’s desire to confide in him: “He isn’t as handsome as me and he isn’t as capable as me.”

Zhang Siyi: “!!!” Are you so fucking narcissistic? Gu Yu is so much better than you!!!

Tao Fei: “He doesn’t earn as much as I do and he is shorter them me.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Huh?

….. If I’m not mistaken, Gu Yu earned more than Tao Fei. Zhang Siyi did not pay much attention to their height, but it seems that Tao Fei is a little taller than Gu Yu.

Tao Fei continued: “Originally, I thought he also liked me a bit. Before, he secretly collected the drawings that I had thrown in the trash and kept them.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Wait a minute! There must be some kind of misunderstanding!!!  (=益=)

Tao Fei: “Later, I discovered it was unrequited. It turned out that he already had someone he likes.”

Zhang Siyi: “…%¥#@….” What the fuck is this! The person Tao Fei likes was himself?

“Besides, the person he likes is someone I respect very much. They love each other……” Tao Fei sighed deeply and looked at Zhang Siyi in sorrow with a wounded expression and deep affection in his eyes and said: “I’m a gentleman so I won’t take his love away. I wish them happiness.”

Like a stiff, frightened cat, Zhang Siyi’s hair is all raised and he squeezed himself tight from the top to his bottom. He didn’t even know what type of expression to use to face him…. Oh my God! The man Tao Fei actually likes is him! How is that possible!? Since Tao Fei tone was so serious, Zhang Siyi was defenseless and unable to comment.

Pleading for help, Zhang Siyi briefly eyed Gu Yu. When their eyes met, the magic current appeared between them again.

Cold air engulfed them as the blanket was suddenly lifted off the bed!

Tao Fei: “…” (o..o)

Zhang Siyi: “…” (o..o)

Gu Yu stood sullenly on the bedside staring coldly at Tao Fei: “That’s enough.”

Pretending to be innocent Tao Fei said: “What?”

Gu Yu directly looked at Zhang Siyi and snapped: “Zhang Siyi, come here.”

As if he was granted amnesty, Zhang Siyi slowly moved from one bed to the other.

Discontent, Tao Fei looked at Gu Yu and questioned: “What are you doing?”

“When are you going to stop playing dumb?” Gu Yu angrily yelled at Tao Fei than pulled Zhang Siyi over to his side. In front of Tao Fei face, he pushed down Zhang Siyi and kissed him ferociously.


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