助理建筑师 羲和清零 126

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 126: Listening


Laying sidewise on the bed, Tao Fei pretended to sleep. Trying to confirm his suspicion, he closed his eyes and listened intently because he wanted to hear what Gu Yu would say to Zhang Siyi after he came out of the shower.

At first, he also heard Zhang Siyi explain in a low voice about the places in their photos; Intercontinental Hotel, Dali, the private Inn…. but halfway through, Zhang Siyi suddenly stopped.

Tao Fei strained to hear more details. Huh? Why did he stop?

After hearing a rustling sound, he assumed they went to bed. – Eh? Even if one of them wants to sleep, doesn’t someone normally announce it? What about, ‘let’s go to sleep first’, or ‘it’s too late now’? There is no rhyme or reason!

Tao Fei was just pondering the issue, when he heard Gu Yu softly say “continue.”

Then Zhang Siyi began to talk again with a voice even softer than before.

…… Eh? Tao Fei is even more confused! – If they wanted to continue their conversation in bed, they should have said ‘let’s lie down.’ Maybe through eye contact or signals that they were able to lie down together?  …….  or something like that. (=_=)

Listening to Zhang Siyi voice, Tao Fei began to imagine the position of the two men together leaning against the bed. When two people lie in a bed together, Tao Fei thought’s drifted from work related activities to perverted ones.

There, again! The sound stopped!

When Zhang Siyi’s voice stopped, Tao Fei listened carefully. There was a soft hhmm.

That hum…… What is it? Like being tickled? But it came to an abrupt end.

Tao Fei’s heart was like a cat claw. He is eager to know what Gu Yu did to Zhang Siyi. Did he kiss him?

He guessed it right. In a short while, there were a few soft sounds emanating from the two on the bed next to Tao Fei. Quiet sounds like a cat slowly licking milk, accompanied by an occasional swallow were amplified countless times inside the silent room, making the noises particularly clear in Tao Fei’s ear.

How could a 27 years old man not know what that sound is? Damn it! They’re kissing!

Fuck! Even in front of Tao Fei, they dare. It’s too presumptuous!

Originally, Tao Fei thought that kissing was the extent of the two people’s unrestrained actions. However, he didn’t expect further more exaggerated actions afterwards!

The sound of their breath grew heavier as they kissed followed by the sound of friction from the sheets and accompanied by Zhang Siyi’s increasingly louder and overflowing ‘hhmm.’ It was once again suddenly muffled and followed by Gu Yu’s low laughter, affectionate and gentle.

Listening to the magic sound, Tao Fei almost had a nosebleed!

Shit! Obviously the two are men, but Tao Fei did not care about that. Instead, he felt rather aroused! It turns out that he’s a pervert who likes to eavesdrop on people making out.

The friction sound was getting more frequent and louder. Tao Fei didn’t know exactly what they were doing, but he could clearly hear Zhang Siyi’s breath getting faster and the ‘hm’ becoming more distinct. Every sound made it very difficult for Tao Fei to endure.

Tao Fei gnashed his teeth and thought, endure? – Fuck no! I’ve heard everything!

“Ahh, mm….”

….. Fuck! Don’t you think, you would wake up someone who just fell asleep?

….. Too presumptuous! Too presumptuous! Do I even exist?  (╰皿╯)

The more Tao Fei listened, the more irritable he became and the more he wanted to scare them by jumping out of the bed.

….. But if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be a problem to have pretended to be asleep for so long? No, no, you must be calm! Gu Yu is definitely doing it deliberately. If I reveal myself now, then I’m only playing into Gu Yu’s hand. Maybe he was waiting for this exact moment to look him in the eye and frankly declare ‘yes we are lovers.’ After, they would be able to show their love in front of him at any time!

At the thought of it, Tao Fei felt a hundred claws scratching his heart! After all he had prepared to make Gu Yu feel out of control, how could Tao Fei let Gu Yu gain the upper hand in the end?

Hold back, Tao Fei, the test of patience is reserved for future victory!!! If he doesn’t jump up, he can always do something else, right?

Slowly, Tao Fei turned over and for a moment, the whole room was quiet. Not even a breath could be heard. Gloating, Tao Fei smirked. – Hey! Hey! Hey! You are scared, right?

That’s right, Zhang Siyi was scared. Scared out of his wits! Jesus Christ, what the hell are they doing? They actually did something like that in front of another man!

Still ontop of Zhang Siyi body, Gu Yu’s deep eyes were full of desires for him. Although the two were only kissing and rubbing, Zhang Siyi felt more excited than ever before! Since there is a third party involved in this kind of situation, Zhang Siyi really felt like it was both too inappropriate and shameful. Zhang Siyi quickly acted and gently pushed Gu Yu away, thinking that it would end.

However, Gu Yu stared at Zhang Siyi and remained motionless. Hearing no further sounds from Tao Fei, Gu Yu lowered his head and kissed Zhang Siyi gently at first, then quickly deepened them and kissed him passionately.

The immediate rebound of emotions after being disrupted were more intense then they initially were and thus, made it even more difficult to suppress!

In the loving hands of Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi never had any resistance and self-control. Under Gu Yu’s active offensive, Zhang Siyi was swept away by the languor of sweet torment and another wave of soft erotic sounds issued forth.

Clutching his heart, Tao Fei vomited a pile of Old Blood.

Waking up the next morning feeling gloomy with dark circles under his eyes, Tao Fei looked over at the two men who were rather busy for more than half the night.

Zhang Siyi’s head was leaning against Gu Yu’s neck. According to the contour of the bodies under the quilt, it was clearly evident that the two men were embracing each other. Even asleep, they had an expression of satisfaction and love.

This damn dog food. Go to hell !!!

Not long after Tao Fei got up, Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu woke up to the sounds of the water running in the bathroom.

Waking up in each other arms, Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi looked at each with affection. When Tao Fei did not come out, Gu Yu kissed Zhang Siyi’s forehead before hoping out of bed and getting dressed. Zhang Siyi blushed, grabbed his soiled underwear hidden below the mattress and put them into the trash.

After eating the hotel’s hearty breakfast, there was no time for Gu Yu to tour Lijiang. The three went to the airport to catch their flight to Xishuangbanna.

Tao Fei was in a bad mood. Irritably, he spat: “Why did you arrive here last night if we were going to leave the next morning? You could have just flown directly to Xishuangbanna to meet us and saved a trip.”

Gu Yu glanced at Zhang Siyi and calmly said: “Getting a good night sleep was well worth the extra trip.”

Tao Fei: “…” Gu Yu is not planning to hide anything from him at all?

With a guilty conscience, Zhang Siyi coughed and looked away to the side.

Arriving in Xishuangbanna in the afternoon, the local temperature is higher and was comparable to the heat of Haicheng. The airport was very busy with many tour groups flooding the area. They traveled more than a few hours north to reach their destination in a tea growing region of China at the Jingshan Boutique hotel. ** which was built into the surrounding tea gardens and hills. The Jingmai Mountain Range ** boasts the oldest tea-leaf producing tree in the world.

Tao Fei’s original plan was to take a charter to Lancang, but because of the many tourists, there was high demand and the price was too extreme. Instead, Gu Yu rented a car and they drove themselves to Lancang county.

Since Tao Fei did not have a driver’s license and Zhang Siyi had little experience driving on tight mountain roads, Gu Yu had to drive the entire time. The journey took more then three hours along a very narrow road which contained many elbow bends and turns. Even though the driving was rather arduous, they arrived successfully before dinner.

At a steep price of 4000 yuan a night, Tao Fei was reluctant to reserve two rooms and therefore, the three of them stayed in one room with two double beds again. Like  the Intercontinental Hotel, each of the rooms had large floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies. The difference ends there as the view from the balcony is not Dianchi lake, but tea fields and mountains instead.

While looking at the rich green colors, Zhang Siyi listened to the wildlife outside and soaked himself in the fresh air of the rainforest. As he took a deep breath, the fragrant sweet-smelling tea enveloped and relaxed his soul making him not want to work.

Gu Yu viewed and inspected the decorations of the hotel and said: “The simple style and plant colors are really vibrant.”

Looking at the thatched villas with banana leaves, Tao Fei asked: ” Is this roof the Dai style?”

Gu Yu: “Yes. The main materials of the Dai-style buildings are bamboo and wood, but in recent years there are some reinforced concrete structures. Did you see those strange houses on the way in?”

Tao Fei: “You mean the blue roof?”

Dai-style houses are based on nature with mainly bamboo used at its construction material and thus, the structures easy blend in with the natural surroundings. Contradictory to tradition, on the way inside the hotel, the they spotted a few constructed homes with blue and white roofs.

Gu Yu: “My guess is that the local farmers built them using modern materials to improve the quality of the houses. Although the house maintained the traditional shape with wide eaves and a steep roof, the color was rather incongruous.

Tao Fei: “I also think the original colors of bamboo and grass are more beautiful.”


As they were discussing Dai-style differences, next to them Zhang Siyi was covering his face. For so many days with Tai Fei, neither of them spoke about architecture. Only now when Gu Yu appeared, was he conscious of being an architect.

That night, while discussing the ways of preserving the characteristics of national building culture, the trio ate gourmet Dai dishes in the hotel’s restaurant that was situated inside a glass pavilion overlooking the tea fields.


T/N: Jingshan Boutique Hotel: https://www.imagicasa.be/en/blog/13962/jingshan-boutique-hotel

Jingmai Mountains: https://specialtyteaalliance.org/world-of-tea/jingmai-puer-making/

Site about Pu’er Tea: https://ratetea.com/style/pu-erh-tea/7/


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