助理建筑师 羲和清零 117

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 117: Handsome and Beautiful


Gaining inspiration from Gu Yu, not only did he plan to sketch, he also wanted to read at least one hour every day. In order to read through all the books in Gu Yu’s library, Zhang Siyi created a schedule and organized the information on his phone. Even though his sketching and writing ability isn’t as beautiful as Gu Yu’s, Zhang Siyi firmly believed in the sentiment ‘practice makes perfect’. As long as Zhang Siyi set his mind to the task, he can grow to become as good as Gu Yu.

The next day, both Zhang Siyi’s sketchbook arrived and Gu Yu returned from his business trip. Since they agreed to keep their distance in the company, when Zhang Siyi saw him upon his return, he only quietly glanced at Gu Yu. In the second they made eye contact, all of their thoughts were conveyed and Zhang Siyi felt greatly relieved.

During his lunch break, Zhang Siyi opened his sketchbook, eager to start the first entry, but while tapping his fingertips, he stared at the blank page. With a furrowed brow, he contemplated what to write.

….. What is better to draw?

….. The morning’s breakfast?

….. Lunch at noon?

….. Eh, too plain.

With a sudden ‘eureka’ moment, an idea popped into Zhang Siyi’s mind and he snapped his fingers. He immediately picked up his pencil and leaned over the table top to draw in earnest…. Ok! It’s finished!

Sitting up straight, Zhang Siyi admired his newly sketched masterpiece. Looking all over the page, he thought something wasn’t quite right. Did he make Gu Yu look a bit ugly?

Wait, that’s not the point!

Since a sketchbook doesn’t have a lock feature like a mobile phone, Zhang Siyi suddenly regretted drawing Gu Yu on the first page. What if it was accidentally seen by others? What is he going to do?

As he started panicking about the situation that he got himself into, he heard Zhu Hongzhen’s voice next to him: “What are you drawing?”

Quickly covering the page with his arm and hand, Zhang Siyi turned to the side and answered him: “Nothing.”

Chuckling, Zhu Hongzhen smiled and said: “I have seen it!”

Zhang Siyi: “……” It’s over! How will he be able to explain the contents and his behavior? (*/ω\*)

Zhu Hongzhen took drink of water from his cup then said: “Don’t cover it up. I am not the first genius to know that you don’t draw well. Who is this, your self-portrait?

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Zhu Hongzhen continued to stab at him: “Looking at it closer, it really is bad. No one would believe you are an architect. When you went abroad, didn’t you practice the fundamentals?”

On one hand, listening to Zhu Hongzhen’s bluntness, Zhang Siyi wanted to cry. On the other hand, as no one could recognize the drawing, all of his anxiety was for nothing and Zhang Siyi wanted to laugh. He was definitely thinking about it too much. He relaxed and removed his hands from the sketchbook and said: “There were some classes, but we mostly used computer software. I didn’t practice much.”

Zhu Hongzhen: “Did you buy a sketch book to practice drawing?”

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm …”

Zhu Hongzhen: “Practice is good. As an architect, drawing is very important. You can let Yuan Zhicheng teach you! His drawings are excellent.”

After Zhu Hongzhen went on his way, Zhang Siyi examined his own picture again. Is it really that bad? He thought he drew Gu Yu’s handsome face, his expressive eyes and tender lips very well!

Sighing in dismay, Zhang Siyi consoled himself. Since no one could see what he saw in the drawing, no one would be able to guess the true relationship between him and Gu Yu.

In order keep Gu Yu’s identity hidden, Zhang Siyi wanted to use a nickname or something else to represent him. Brainstorming, he pulled out his phone, he loaded WeChat and decided to use ‘Little Fox.’

Below the drawing, he carefully wrote his first sentence: “From today onwards, to become as good of a person as Little Fox. -2015.4.23 ZSY.

Since they are together already, writing something like ‘to be worthy of you’ is a moot point. Also, Zhang Siyi didn’t want to write something like he had done with the cactus lamp previously because ‘someday in the future’ is something you can’t predict and may never happen.

Zhang Siyi already is aware of the gap between himself and Gu Yu. From this day onwards, Zhang Siyi simply wants to work hard along side the person he loves. After he finished writing, feeling content, Zhang Siyi closed his sketchbook and began the rest of the work day refreshed and full of confidence.

Naturally, since Gu Yu is back from his business trip, Tao Fei is also back. When Zhang Siyi got back to his desk, he received a message from Tao Fei: “Hey, are you there?”

Now that Zhang Siyi was able to express his feelings, his awkwardness towards Tao Fei had subsided. Zhang Siyi was serious in his reply: “Yes. What is it?”

Tao Fei asked: “Are you doing the tourism development design project in Yunnan now? If you have the preliminary preparation information, send it to me.”

Seeing the message, Zhang Siyi was remined of the project Gu Yu said he was going to assign him in order to work together with Tao Fei…. However, what is with Tao Fei’s attitude! He is completely treating me like a minion!

Sulking, Zhang Siyi compressed the background data into a file and forwarded it to Tao Fei. He neither received a reply nor thanks.

Thirty-minutes later, Zhang Siyi received another message from Tao Fei: “That’s it? Weren’t you supposed to do a case analysis?”

Zhang Siyi was so angry at Tao Fei’s attitude he snapped: “I was only given this assignment recently!” There was no response. Turning to the internet, Zhang Siyi searched for the case analysis data. After another thirty-minutes, Tao Fei messaged him: “Hey, do you want to go visit Yunnan to play?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” this guy…. calling people ‘yo’ or ‘hey’? Does he not know my name? What does he mean, play in Yunnan?

Since there isn’t a rush on the design of the project in Yunnan, Zhang Siyi is a little confused about what Tao Fei means. His confusion quickly turned into anger and annoyance when he read Tao Fei’s next message: “If you want to go, I’ll ask my brother for permission and I’ll take you with me.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” What? I’m much more familiar with him then you are! I’ve touched your brother’s ji-ji! Do you think I need your help to ask for permission!?

As much as Zhang Siyi wanted to say something, he knows he had to keep silent. Typing out his message, he pounded the keys to vent his anger: “The design is due next month, we don’t have time to play.”

Tao Fei: “Please! We have more than 20 days and this trip will only be a few days. What is the hurry?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Since you are not in a hurry why don’t you find your own case analysis Ah!

Zhang Siyi ignored Tao Fei, but after a while, Gu Yu sent a message: “Do you want to go to Yunnan?”

Zhang Siyi: “Ah? Tao Fei really told you!  What did he say?”

Gu Yu: “He said that you want to go to Yunnan to do research.”

Knowing that Tao Fei was the one that wanted to go, Zhang Siyi was even more irritated: “I did not ask him to go to Yunnan! Tao Fei was the one who asked me first!”

 Gu Yu: “Oh. Well, if you want to go, I can make arrangements for a business trip.”

Thinking of another business trip with Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi felt warm and excited, but then he realized Gu Yu’s message said “you”. Zhang Siyi replied: “Will you go?”

Gu Yu: “I have other projects on my plate right now. This project is mainly under Tao Fei’s responsibility. I won’t participate in it.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Is Tao Fei really the right person to be left in charge of a project?”

Gu Yu: “This project in Yunnan is quite large and on-site research is also necessary. You should consider it.”

Now that Zhang Siyi was determined to work hard and learn, he hemmed and hawed over what Tao Fei suggested. Since he mentioned ‘play’ and not ‘on-site research,’ Zhang Siyi doesn’t know what to think. Well, in fact, Zhang Siyi was simply making excuses. Since Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu just established their relationship, they are like newlyweds and want to spend as much time together as possible. Since Gu Yu had been away on a business trip, Zhang Siyi hasn’t spent time with him and now, Tao Fei is telling him to go on a business trip, and thus, spending less time with Gu Yu so of course he is reluctant to go.

Setting aside his personal dislike for Tao Fei, if he thought of Tao Fei idea of ‘play’ as ‘research’ he wouldn’t have made any objections. After a few minutes of consideration, Zhang Siyi felt he shouldn’t bring his personal feelings into his work and therefore, sent Gu Yu a positive confirmation.

Gu Yu: “Starting from this Saturday, I’ll give you one week.”

Zhang Siyi thought about the days of the week. Today is Thursday and I’m leaving Saturday, so one day to spend with Gu Yu. At least it is better than nothing.

Since Gu Yu also informed Tao Fei, Tao Fei informed Zhang Siyi of the status of their business trip: “We depart Saturday!”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes. I know!”

Tao Fei: “What is your mobile phone number? I will add you.”

After exchanging telephone numbers, Zhang Siyi saw that Tao Fei used a self-portrait as his icon.

Looking at the photo, Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but admire Tao Fei exquisite facial features. With his medium length hair, he has both female and male charm. In the photo, he is smiling with his raised hand covering half of his face. If one ignores the hand, his face looks like a heroic girl.

It occurred to Zhang Siyi that he hasn’t invited Tao Fei into the Borderless Forbidden City Team WeChat group that he set up for his colleagues. Although Zhang Siyi is not the leader of the team, as the person who created the group, he should have the ability to ‘add new members into the group.’

It has been one month since Tao Fei has been working at Borderless. Even though he has had a dispute with Gu Yu, his relationship with everyone else in the department is very good. Also, he is very popular among the female employees. However, because of Tao Fei’s temper and overly straightforward character, Zhang Siyi has some reservations. He doesn’t want Tao Fei to accidentally offend a colleague and disrupt the current harmonious state of the chat group. …..Maybe I should wait until someone in the group mentions it?

Wanting to make sure Tao Fei wouldn’t disrupt anything, Zhang Siyi looked into Tao Fei’s social media page to get to know him better. Zhang Siyi thought that there was no way Tao Fei would be able to integrate smoothly into the group as the first thing Zhang Siyi saw made him even more irritated.

There were a bunch of photos posted from the business trip he had with Gu Yu. In them, both were wearing suits and posing for the camera, Tao Fei had his arm intimately around Gu Yu shoulders in an ambiguous way. They were both so handsome that they looked like a couple. Although what is bothering Zhang Siyi isn’t the image itself, it is Tao Fei’s blunt message: “Here are the photos that you want to see! Big-T Department of Architecture most handsome and beautiful – Aren’t we a worthy match! Ha-ha-ha-ha!”


15 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 117

  1. Kekeke… ZSY is so adorable! I’ve touched your brother’s ji-ji 🤣 Thank you for the translation and also informing us on the timeline. Ganbatte!


  2. I don’t like ZSY has started acting as the jealous Boyfriend. Have more confidence, you boy!

    To read one chapter a week is great! You take your time, don’t stress yourself.

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  3. I’m not shocked at all that an architect would be poor at figure drawing. Unless you’ve had a lot of practice at it, most people are. Free hand drawing is a very different skill set from both architecture and interior design. Especially since he was just drawing from memory. PS I’d never ever put a diary in a sketchbook that I carried with me. People ask to look at them all the time and if you drew something you wanted to show off you’d always have to be aware of what you wrote on the other page. On the other hand having a work journal (sketchbook) would be an excellent idea for him.


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