助理建筑师 羲和清零 116

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 116: Interaction


While caressing him, Gu Yu laughed and smiled at him: “I don’t dislike it. You can call me Big Devil every day.”

Zhang Siyi snapped at Gu Yu and said: “Can you not interrupt me!”

Waiting for him to continue, Gu Yu looked at him in the eyes and didn’t speak.

Taking a deep breath to regain his train of thought, Zhang Siyi calmed himself from his momentary outburst. He continued: “Before, when you came to me and I said ‘ I quit’ it was only because I was mad. Seeing Tao Fei with you all the time…. Well, I admit, I was a little jealous.”

Because of Zhang Siyi’s misunderstanding and therefore his avoidance of Gu Yu, it was the first time Gu Yu felt his surroundings were out of his control which made him very unsettled and anxious. Thinking about the events earlier in the month, Gu Yu sighed. This fool….

Now that they acknowledged each other’s love, Zhang Siyi heart softened and it was the first time he talked about his thoughts and feelings openly in front of Gu Yu. Like an animal showing its belly, because of trust, he was willing to show the most vulnerable parts in front of his loved one.

“Since it seemed Tao Fei was pursuing you and I thought you didn’t have any special feelings towards me, I said those things to you, but in fact, I still like architecture and I like you very much. My love isn’t so vulnerable.” Wanting to make sure there were no doubts, Zhang Siyi was very eager to explain his past behavior to Gu Yu. Now that he was able to reaffirm his honest feelings, Zhang Siyi felt relieved.

While listening, Gu Yu caressed Zhang Siyi back. When Zhang Siyi finished speaking, Gu Yu raised one of his hands to the back of Zhang Siyi head and pulled him down into a tight embrace. With their bodies pressed together, feeling gratified, Gu Yu sighed in satisfaction.

Zhang Siyi probably didn’t realize it, but the most fascinating physical feature about him was his waist. Gu Yu didn’t remember when it was exactly, but he saw Zhang Siyi dozing off radiating sex appeal. As he was laying on the lounge, his shirt was snagged and as a result of the material being scrunched up, his narrow torso and smooth back were reviled.

When Gu Yu saw him lying there, he had an impulse to go and touch him. He wanted to take hold of him and hug him. Since then, not only has Gu Yu subconsciously been watching Zhang Siyi, he has also been giving him preferential treatment. He wanted Zhang Siyi’s eyes to only focus on him and thus, his black belly nature was provoked. To elicit a reaction, he teased Zhang Siyi as much as it was possible.

The first time Gu Yu was able to hold Zhang Siyi more intimately was during the game at the annual meeting. As the game intensified, Gu Yu successfully was able to touch his waist several times. The more Gu Yu hands could feel him, the more he wanted to grab him and embrace him. More than once, Gu Yu fantasized about being honest with his feelings and wished he could directly undress him, caress him and hold him. Now, finally, Gu Yu’s got what he wanted.

Feeling Gu Yu’s hands gently stroke his back, Zhang Siyi wriggled a bit as he spoke softly: “After hearing about your worries today, I want to make sure you understand that this isn’t just a simple experience for me. I have thought about it very carefully and I want to be with you forever.” Zhang Siyi lowered his forehead and pressed it up against Gu Yu’s.

Gu Yu slightly raised his chin and easily kissed him lightly at first, then deeper and enthusiastically. With even more intensity, the kisses became wet and sloppy until they could no longer maintain their breath.

Feeling the eagerness of Gu Yu’s kisses, Zhang Siyi thought it was Gu Yu’s signal to move forward physically. As a man, Zhang Siyi felt like he needed to take the initiative and create the momentum necessary to progress further then they have, so he licked his lips and whispered seductively in Gu Yu’s ear: “I want to do it.”

A little surprised and quietly laughing Gu Yu asked a rhetorical question: “Haven’t we already started?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Eh? We’ve already started? Gu Yu is about to have sex with him?

“……”  Zhang Siyi looked at him with a suspicious face: “You’re not going to tell me to sleep half way, are you?

With mirth, Gu Yu laughed out loud at Zhang Siyi’s simplicity. Not answering Zhang Siyi question, Gu Yu asked his own: “I would like to ask you, are you ready?”

Zhang Siyi: “Of course!

Gu Yu raised an eyebrow: “Is it possible to accept a relationship with a man so quickly?”

With a flushed face, Zhang Siyi proclaimed: “Because I like you!”

As Gu Yu grinned at him silently, a thought popped into Zhang Siyi mind and Gu Yu suddenly grabbed him. The two exchanged positions instantly. Now, with Gu Yu pressing him down, Zhang Siyi was lying down under his hot body.

Zhang Siyi: “……” – Shit! It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Pushing back, Zhang Si Yi raised his hands against Gu Yu’s chest as he lowered himself: ”Wa, Wait, aren’t you gay?””

Gu Yu: “Yes, what?”

Zhang Siyi: “How can you be on-top?”

Gu Yu was silent for a moment then lifted Zhang Siyi’s leg slightly and looked at him condescendingly. Laughing he asked: “Do you have any misunderstandings about being gay?”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Gu Yu asked: “Do you know what will happen next?”

With his face turning red, Zhang Siyi answered: “Rubbing?”

Pffft. Gu Yu laughed out loud: “Rubbing? Are you a child?”

With Zhang Siyi’s leg slightly lifted, Gu Yu traced his fingertips along his leg to his thigh and explained: “There are two roles in gay relationships that differentiate your preferences; top and bottom. I am the former. That is, if we really have a relationship, I’m going to enter you here and fuck you…” As Gu Yu explained, to illustrate the point, he thrusted his hips once and pressed his bulge on Zhang Siyi’s bottom.

As if he felt the malice of the world, Zhang Siyi jaw dropped.

Not a moment later, Gu Yu suddenly plunged his hand into his underwear and grabbed his lower body. Zhang Siyi was so scared that he called out: “ah.” Since he thought he was going to be penetrated, he immediately clamped his legs tightly together. As his most private place was captured, he was completely unable to escape and felt utterly powerless.

In response to Gu Yu sudden attack, Zhang Siyi’s body hardened immediately. Gu Yu stifled a laugh and smirked at him: ”Ready? Hmm? Can’t wait to be on me?”

Zhang Siyi scrambled to refuse: “No, no, this does not count!”

Ignoring Zhang Siyi’s refusal, Gu Yu leaned in and blocked Zhang Siyi’s mouth. While his tongue was gently probing Zhang Siyi mouth, his hand movements were getting faster and more intense.

Feeling the pleasurable sensations in his body, Zhang Siyi couldn’t stop himself from calling out: “ah, mn, ah, ah, mn, mn, ah.…”

The moaning that sounded from deep within Zhang Siyi awakened Gu Yu’s sense of dominion. His gentle kisses escalated and migrated to his neck and transformed into euphoric gnawing. Desperately, Gu Yu wanted to bully him and hear his cries of passion.

Zhang Siyi: “Aaahhh……” Unfortunately, now spent, Zhang Siyi, this little virgin couldn’t last long.

Even though he already took care of himself in the bathroom, there was no way he could resist his beloved’s treatment. When he found release, his whole body trembled and Zhang Siyi uncontrollably moaned out, sweet and excited.

The body fluid shot out into Gu Yu’s hand, underwear, and everywhere. While Gu Yu took a paper towel to help wipe it up, he was still smirking at him and joked: “and you wanted to do it when the foreplay was too much… “

Turning red, Zhang Siyi covered his face: “This doesn’t count!” “

While handing Zhang Siyi a paper towel, Gu Yu was still laughing at him and said: “Oh, you really are a child.”

Zhang Siyi squinted and said: “I have said this doesn’t count!”

Seeing Zhang Siyi’s angry yet funny expression, Gu Yu flicked his forehead and fell on him: “Who was the one who just said they can accept anything?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” From the beginning, Zhang Siyi has regretted his confession and seduction of Gu Yu. Shit!  Why is this happening?!  In his imagination, there was pure shy love. Why was it completely different?! He wanted to be the one to take action!

Looking at Zhang Siyi’s frightened expression, Gu Yu sighed, both with desire and helplessness.

After waiting for a long time, Zhang Siyi recovered from the aftermath of the climax and slowly opened his fingers. He shyly looked at him.

Gu Yu lowered his head and tenderly kissed him on the forehead and asked: “Is that enough?”

It was only now that Zhang Siyi discovered a hard part pressed against him.

Since he hadn’t done anything to Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi suddenly felt guilty again. Why was his reaction so fierce?

Perhaps, it was because of the slightly insulting words Gu Yu used that struck a chord with Zhang Siyi. Although it is common sense to know that a couple’s love between the sheets is like that, Zhang Siyi is a man. This wasn’t just the foul language of joking boys. Gu Yu really wanted to fuck him.

Zhang Siyi felt like he was slapped in the face with this newfound realization. His male pride was completely overturned. He was so ashamed that he felt like he could die.

However, that wasn’t the most difficult thing for him to accept. After the initial shock, what he could not accept, was his own impulse to deviate completely from his mind. His body instinctively wanted Gu Yu to take him.

During his initial shock, Gu Yu didn’t let him take a breath and directly pressed him under a barrage of kisses and strong stimulation. Zhang Siyi felt like he was taken advantage of. In addition, with his premature ejaculation, he felt humiliated!

However, shame, humiliation, and excitement, are also part of the moment. Now that Zhang Siyi has calmed down, he started feeling sorry. Gu Yu is Zhang Siyi’s favorite person and he hasn’t felt his release yet.

With the principle of reciprocity, Zhang Siyi whispered to Gu Yu: “I, I will also help you….”

He no longer dares to say something like, ‘lets do it’ for if he did, he felt that Gu Yu would not hesitate to take him.

Gu Yu seems to have been waiting a long time to hear about Zhang Siyi’s willingness to touch him. With his stiff need becoming uncomfortable, he directly grabbed Zhang Siyi hand and pressed it against him.

Once again, Zhang Siyi’s face burned up. While manipulating his hand on Gu Yu, he lowered his eyes and didn’t want to look at him.

After a while, Zhang Siyi heard Gu Yu’s emotional moan. Inspired, Zhang Siyi raised his site to glanced at him. Narrowing his eyes in concentration, Gu Yu was staring at Zhang Siyi intently with lust and desire. It made Zhang Siyi feel like he was being fucked. Shit, shit, shit! He quickly retracted his sight and continued to work hard stroking him.

However, more than ten minutes had passed and Gu Yu hadn’t found his release. Loosing strength, Zhang Siyi hand is dying: “Why are you so slow….”

“…… Am I slow? ” Gu Yu replied panting. A husky and fervent chuckle issued forth from his chest and he asked with a deep sensuous tone: “… Or are you slow? “

He reached out and wrapped Zhang Siyi’s hand in his own and moved it with his in order to teach Zhang Siyi what he liked….”Yes. ah, ah, that’s it … harder, ha, ha …  a little faster…. Don’t you play the violin? Why aren’t you moving fast?”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Shit! A violin piece is only a few minutes long! You’ve been fucking for more than that!

When Gu Yu finally found his release, Zhang Siyi felt like a husk of a person; totally exhausted. Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief and went back to his room.

The sex that Zhang Siyi initiated came in strong, but since the reality of male intercourse came crashing down, it ended weak. Zhang Siyi collapsed on his bed, unmoving. Since he could feel the remnants of heat from Gu Yu on his hand, he felt so ashamed that he was spasmodically trembling. Compared to the night he slept in Gu Yu’s underpants; this was no better.

For his unconscious flinch, what happened that night, caused a shadow on Zhang Siyi mind and he urgently wanted something to sooth his anxiety. He was in a dilemma because he was afraid that he had hurt Gu Yu.

For the next few days, Gu Yu had to travel with Tao Fei on official business to report the commercial super-high-rise project.

Before Gu Yu left, he gave Zhang Siyi a new key and gave him instructions about the various electronic devices and features of the villa. He also permitted Zhang Siyi to move around the house freely and read whatever books he wanted.

Like the first time a parent gave special permission to a child, Zhang Siyi felt excited and alive. As soon as he got off work, he couldn’t wait to get home and use Gu Yu’s kitchen. He wanted to walk the dog and take care of the cleaning. He even went to Gu Yu’s room to write calligraphy as he would have done.

Gu Yu is his boyfriend, his family, and everything related to Gu Yu is also related to Zhang Siyi. The sense of belonging made Zhang Siyi feel jubilant like he has never felt before!

Only, his meals didn’t taste as good as Gu Yu’s; most of Gu Yu’s books, Zhang Siyi couldn’t understand; and his calligraphy looked like shit.

The gaps and contrast in their abilities make Zhang Siyi feel particularly discouraged.

Gu Yu was like a brightly shining sun and he felt like a pale afterimage.

After the initial excitement of being in the villa subsided, Zhang Siyi felt alone and empty. He began to look forward to Gu Yu’s return as soon as possible. From time to time, Zhang Siyi worried about Gu Yu feelings. When Zhang Siyi was feeling insecure, he would run to look through Gu Yu diaries on his bedside table. Since Gu Yu didn’t seem to mind, Zhang Siyi had no reservations about looking through them completely.

The more Zhang Siyi looked through them, the more he thought Gu Yu drawings were beautiful. Not only was his handwriting elegant, his philosophical ideas expressed were thoughtful and deep. Sighing, Zhang Siyi felt even more inferior.

Finally, in the dead of night and lying in bed, Zhang Siyi suddenly woke up with a thought.

Gu Yu is not only a mature and older boyfriend, but also a walking architecture encyclopedia and a good mentor on the road of life. Since Zhang Siyi has access to a good resource, he needs to make good use of it! That’s right! Is he an idiot? What has he been thinking about these two days?!

Temporarily setting aside his vulgar sentiments and juvenile love, he wanted to emanate Gu Yu’s way of living. Diligence is the correct path. ╰(╰△╯)╯

That evening, Zhang Siyi bought a sketchbook like Gu Yu’s online. Learning by example, Zhang Siyi decided he too would sketch and write his thoughts down every day.


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  1. I have been reread this novel twice and it always gets me. I cant stop smiling this novel is too good!!! Thanks for your hard work !! ❤️❤️


  2. Simplemente es hermosa, ellos son divinos!! Falta que culminen todo el asunto, pero si nos tardamos 100 capítulos para la confesión, no tengo problema en esperar 100 más para que culminen su acto de amor, son tan lindos.


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