助理建筑师 羲和清零 105

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 105: Enlightenment


Living with Gu Yu is not an illusion.

The experience of that night he spent at Gu Yu’s house last year left a very deep impression on Zhang Siyi. Especially now, that he acknowledged his love for Gu Yu, he wanted to spend his days, cooking, cleaning, chatting, drinking tea, and sleeping together. He did not want the time he spent with Gu Yu to stop.

But fantasy is ultimately an illusion. Zhang Siyi never expected Gu Yu to invite him to live together. He felt that anyone who lived with Gu Yu had to be a special, talented individual with a very close relationship with him and that person could never be himself.

There was a time when Zhang Siyi toyed with the idea that Gu Yu liked him and as such, he could understand Gu Yu’s offer. But now, seeing Tao Fei close relationship with Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi felt inadequate and insecure.

Therefore, in the face of the big pie falling from the sky, Zhang Siyi instead felt overwhelmed with bewilderment.

……. Is it true what Gu Yu said?

……. Why me?

……. If I say yes, what about the other person Gu Yu is waiting for?

……. Aren’t I just taking advantage of his kindness?

All kinds of doubts filled Zhang Siyi’s mind. He even accepted the dog. Such an enticing proposal is simply impossible to refuse. Gu Yu is waiting for his reply. Zhang Siyi tentatively asked: “Do you only have one bedroom in your home?”

Although he has already learned the truth from Gu Yao, Zhang Siyi subconsciously asked him the question because he wanted to hear Gu Yu’s attitude clearly rather then it being a moment of impulse.

Gu Yu: “The guest room can be packed up and you can live there.”

Zhang Siyi was surprised. Gu Yu’s statement was contrary to the information that Gu Yao previously revealed. He remembered she told him the room was packed up early. But this is only a small doubt and Zhang Siyi didn’t think too much about it. He asked: “Where does Gu Yao sleep?”

“Gu Yao usually lives at school and rarely stays over.” Gu Yu looked up at him: “If she comes, you will stay with me in my room.”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Ah, his heart couldn’t stop pounding wildly!

“What’s the problem?” Gu Yu paused then asked: “or do you not want to live with me?”

Zhang Siyi repeatedly shook he head: “No, no! I think…. I’m just wondering if it’s too much trouble for you.”

Gu Yu sighed and counter-questioned him: “I drove you home for the New Year, and I drove you back afterwards, and I practiced driving with you….  I haven’t heard you say anything about troubling me before. Why are you being so polite now?”

Zhang Siyi remained motionless and silent.

No longer talking to him, Gu Yu turned to look at the messy living space and asked: “If there is nothing else, I’ll help you pack up your things.”

Zhang Siyi: “Don’t you have to go to work?”

This time, Gu Yu didn’t have the patience to answer Zhang Siyi properly and Gu Yu eyed him instead. Zhang Siyi immediately was silenced. He pointed to the pile of clutter in the corner of the room to deal with. Gu Yu took off his coat and put it on the sofa to help him organize it together.

Since his unplanned absence caused his boss to also become absent and as a result, his Boss is now helping him pack his house instead of being at the company, Zhang Siyi felt unceasingly guilty. It is a crime!

…… But in fact, Zhang Siyi felt very warm and even a bit joyful.

As they were packing and cleaning, Gu Yu asked Zhang Siyi about his experience looking for an apartment.

Under the warmth and comfort of Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi finally opened his heart and poured out most of the bitterness that he was harboring. Many agencies demanded a finder fee upfront and as a result, Zhang Siyi was cheated out of a few hundred dollars. Thinking about it made Zhang Siyi depressed.

Gu Yu listened attentively then suddenly asked: “Didn’t I message you in WeChat that if there were any difficulties, to tell me? You couldn’t find any suitable place for so long, so why didn’t you come find me for help?”

Zhang Siyi lowered his eyes and quietly said: “You were too busy.” He did not dare mention Tao Fei appearance and the real reason why he closed his heart. As a result, he tried to overcome everything by himself and by doing so, he closed himself off from everyone’s help, especially from Gu Yu.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but give a lengthy sigh: “Yesterday’s matter, I have told you, when you have a work problem, come to me for help. Life is the same…… I won’t give up on you.”

Zhang Siyi thought it strange. There is no way under normal circumstance that a boss would tell his subordinate that they ‘won’t give up on them in life’. Zhang Siyi’s heart was warming in his chest, but he was unsure if there was any meaning to his statement or not. He quietly questioned: “Because you promised my father that you would take care of me?”

Gu Yu raised his head and gazed at Zhang Siyi in the eyes. With overflowing, unspeakable tenderness he softly said: “Just because of you.”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Blushing a crimson red, Zhang Si Yi suddenly looked down and his heart was pounding. In such a short period of time, from the lows of yesterday to this afternoon’s crash, and now with Gu Yu’s new revelations, his mood soared. With the numerous bits of indigestible information received suddenly, Zhang Siyi’s brain was completely stirred into paste!

Once again, the answer came, but the sensible aspect of himself desperately tried to prevent him from thinking about it.……

Gu Yu lowered his head and continued packing a box with the pile books in front of him. He explained: “Tao Fei and I are just friends. When I was a graduate student at T University, we joined a team that participated in an architectural design competition. He is a very good designer. Although he is loud and has a temper, his design ideas are very divergent. Moreover, he has received a master’s degree in the UK and combined with his undergraduate domestic education, he has a unique set of designs insights. What he can teach you is probably better suited to your current needs than I am. For two days, I wanted to arrange a meeting with Toa Fei and have a meal together for a good chat, but you……” Gu Yu sighed, and looked at Zhang Siyi oddly. “Well, I’ll arrange for you to do several projects with him and then you will understand when you see it.”

Zhang Siyi did not ask for an explanation. Gu Yu seemed to have guessed his heart and answered his doubts and uneasiness. Zhang Siyi is both ashamed and embarrassed. Did Gu Yu recruit Tao Fei just to help him improve?

It is true that he was the only international student in Group A and there are no elders of the same background to help him. Sometimes, Zhang Siyi questioned whether his working environment was suitable for his own long-term development or not.

Zhang Siyi very much recognizes Gu Yu’s many viewpoints and the principle of doing things, but design is multifaceted. Each person has thier own concept and styles. While Gu Yu is very strong, he isn’t a comprehensive teacher.

After this understanding, Zhang Siyi felt guilty once again. All along, Gu Yu was thinking about his needs and instead of communicating with him, he treated Gu Yu poorly out of jealousy…. God, he feels like a complete idiot!

Until this moment, Zhang Siyi felt completely relieved. Although he still has some lingering issues with Tao Fei, with Gu Yu’s explanation, Zhang Siyi no longer was stupid enough to be jealous over him.

Apart from Zhang Siyi own room, they cleaned up the rest of the apartment that afternoon. Although it is decided for Zhang Siyi to live with Gu Yu, it was too late to move tonight. The two agreed to make the final move on the weekend.

As they placed the last few bags in the garbage downstairs, Gu Yu received a phone call from the company. Standing fearful next to him, Zhang Siyi dare not make a sound, but at the same time, he listened to Gu Yu speak on the phone. He was surprised to hear Gu Yu lie about his whereabouts.

Hanging up the phone, Gu Yu explained the situation to Zhang Siyi: “It is a temporary project meeting, I have to go back.”

Zhang Siyi: “I……”

­­­He was going to say that he also would change his clothes and go back to work, but Gu Yu interrupted him: “Don’t go. Rest well tonight then tomorrow, go to the personnel department to fill out an absentee note.”

Dropping his line of site, Zhang Siyi nodded.

Gu Yu raised his arm and checked his watch: “I wanted to take you out to eat, but there isn’t time now. Remember to eat dinner.”

Zhang Siyi obediently nodded again: “Hmm”

Gu Yu smiled and raised his hand to rub his head: “See you tomorrow…” He said and added: “This time, I’ll really see you tomorrow.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Zhang Siyi watched Gu Yu’s backside as he walked away from Zhang Siyi’s apartment building. Recalling the problem that has plagued him for a long time, his brain turned into paste again. The person Gu Yu likes, isn’t it him?

Zhang Siyi nodded again: “Hmm.”

…… “Just because of you……”

…… It’s like telling him, ” because I like you.”

…… (o////o) ……

…… Is it true? Gu Yu really likes him?

…… But if so, why doesn’t Gu Yu tell him directly?

…… Wait……. Could it be, like himself, Gu Yu is afraid of saying it?

That’s it! In Gu Yu opinion, he is a straight man who has talked about his girlfriend. He also made it clear that he wasn’t gay and Fu Xinhui was just a friend.

Oh, my God!

With his sudden enlightenment, Zhang Siyi was excited and pumped his fist. His stomach growled angrily……….. He’s hungry (=_=)

From yesterday evening until now, he did not eat. Zhang Siyi did not know how he had any energy to support himself. At this moment, he felt like he desperately needed the power of food!!!

After changing clothes, Zhang Siyi ran downstairs and first bought rice balls and sausages from the a nearby grocery store. Then he rushed to the Soup shop: “Boss, a large bowl of five, no give me ten wontons, please!”

Half an hour later, Zhang Siyi touched his bulging belly which was stretched out by the wonton soup. He laboriously returned home to lie down in bed. Now that his hunger was satiated, he continued to ruminate over the recent events excitedly. If Gu Yu likes him, what is he going to do?

When Gu Yu expresses his feelings, then they will be together as a couple?

…… Shit! Shit!

Zhang Siyi never thought about what it would be like to have a relationship with a guy.……

With only a thought about being in love with Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi felt his heart pound and his body heated up from head to toe.

Not to mention, hugging and kissing, but also ……

Ah-ah-ah… Zhang Siyi buried his head in his pillow and didn’t dare think about it further!

Zhang Siyi didn’t want to exhaust his energy on something that wasn’t possible in the future and thus, he had to confirm his suspicions in order to make his next move.


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    I cried at the last chapter and am now grinning like an idiot. Slowest burn romance of all time.

    Thank you very much for the updates!

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      1. I loved The Earth is Online but stopped reading because that romance was so unbelievably slow burning. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually burning at all.


  2. I swear Gu Yu knows just what to say to calm the storms within one’s heart. He may be a black belly but he is the sweetest as well. Just imagine someone telling you “Even in life, I won’t give up on you.” THAT WOULD MOTIVATE ME THROUGH THE HEAVENS!!! Q_Q

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  3. ‘Even in life, I won’t give up on you’ OHHHHHHHHH. It was almost a confession! You should have kissed him right there, ZSY!!! He even accepted someone else’s son in his house!! You’re truly blessed. Now act as a grown up and face things!

    Oh. I’ve binge read this 105 chapters for the past few days… Now I’m feeling lost.

    THANKS for this amazing translation, Yukisan! Have a nice week!


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  5. Important words need to be said if not it will lead to a lot of misunderstandings.Altho Im exasperated I guess this is wat happens in real life.Many ppl r afraid of rejections,it tks a lot of courage to confess and maturity to accept the results.

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