助理建筑师 羲和清零 101

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 101: Entrust


Since Fu Xinhui personally came to ask Zhang for help, it shows him how much faith and trust Fu Xinhui had for Zhang Siyi. No matter what personal feelings Zhang Siyi had for the dog, his only choice was to help his friend and say yes.

When the realization of being alone settled in his mind, Zhang Siyi went through a series of complex emotions. Three years doesn’t sound like a lot, but who know what will happen in the future. He could be tied to the stupid dog for the next fifteen years!  …… Aaaaaahhhhh!

Zhang Siyi suggested: “Do you want to get together with Jian Hai before you go and tell him about going abroad? “

Fu Xinhui shook his head no: “If I tell him, he will inevitable ask about my family affairs, and although we are classmates, his relationship with me isn’t the same as mine is towards you. “

Zhang Siyi can understand. Fu Xinhui doesn’t want to air out his dirty laundry and he probably doesn’t want any sympathy from others.

Fu Xinhui continued: “And besides, everyone is very busy. We have not gathered for a long time. If here is anything to talk about, we can use WeChat. It’s not necessary to talk in person.”

Zhang Siyi wanted to refute, but when he thought about it, what Fu Xinhui said was true.

The small group of friends became acquainted with one another through their time at University studying architecture abroad. Even though they were very close in the past, when they returned to China, the number of times they all met together was less than three. It’s not like they aren’t friends anymore, but everyone had their own life to live so naturally people have drifted apart. What Jiang Hai said months ago about gathering less in the future because of everyone’s busy schedule, Zhang Siyi didn’t know how prophetic the words would be.

Zhang Siyi mentioned the Turtle Club and joked with Fu Xinhui: “How did your rent-boy duties turn out? Did you find the experience worth it?”

Fu Xinhui laughed out loud: “I went a few times before my family’s financial problems. I met a friend who studied abroad in Australia. I also contacted her and asked her questions about the University situation there.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh? Well, that is something at least. I was worried you were being cheated!”

Fu Xinhui smiled and poured more wine. He said: “I didn’t spend a lot of time there. My conversations at the club were all superficial. Even if I wanted more, I wasn’t able to give more.

Zhang Siyi: “What do you mean?

Fu Xinhui: “I went twice and both times, every person I met asked me what I did. I had nothing to respond with so I told people I was learning architecture. Even though that is what I said, I still didn’t feel connected to the industry. It’s like architecture was only part of my imagination.”

Zhang Siyi nodded and remembered the time Gu Yu asked Fu Xinhui the same question and asked why he didn’t work and Fu Xinhui didn’t have much of a reason to respond with.

Fu Xinhui: “Before, I thought networking with people was most important, but now I don’t feel that way. What is most important is my own strength because strength is the capital to make friends. If you don’t prove your worth, people aren’t going to care about you.”

While sipping his wine, Zhang Si Yi listened attentively and he was quite touched.

After a long time, Fu Xinhui casually asked Zhang Siyi how he had been doing recently.

Thinking about the emotional turmoil he feels because of Gu Yu, he had a sudden impulse to tell his secret to his best friend.

He opened he mouth to say something then hesitated……….

His mind flash through his recent thoughts about Gu Yu’s current attitude and Tao Fei’s appearance at work. He wasn’t sure if Gu Yu liked men, let alone whether or not he could be with him. Unlike talking about a man’s romantic feelings for a woman, it isn’t an easy topic to confide in with a friend. It could very well be only Zhang Siyi’s secret love and with the time, the rising and falling tide in his heart could subside and be calm. At that time, he could just pretend like it never happened. But once he said it, no matter whom he said it to, it meant that he was out of the closet and he could never go back.

…..….. As he was about to say something, Zhang Siyi furrowed his brows slightly. He smiled and said: “I am doing good. Everything is basically the same.”

Fu Xinhui nodded, and the conversation of the two men turned to other topics.

The two friends chatted for the whole night filling their stomachs with wine and food. When the meat was finished and the side dishes were empty, as if they could sense each other’s sad feelings, they stopped using their chopsticks at the same time. This is the last opportunity they could eat together for a long time.

At eleven o’clock, they scrambled to get up and pay. Out of habit, Fu Xinhui stopped Zhang Siyi: “I’ll pay!”

Zhang Siyi also stopped him and said: ” Will you stop trying to be a hero in front of me? I can handle a hot pot!”

The two of them wrestled over who will get to pay, but eventually Zhang Siyi swiped his card through the machine first, robbing Fu Xinhui of his opportunity to pay.

After settling the account, they stumbled out of the restaurant and knowing it was the last few minutes together, they had each other arms around their shoulders, huddling close together in front of the shop to wait for a taxi.

Through the glass window, the waitress could see them help each other with their coats and supported one another while waiting for a taxi. She could no longer bear the sight and turned grumbling to herself: – Why can’t I find a good man!?

Fu Xinhui said: “I’ll entrust Cheer-Up to you…”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

With his hand, Zhang Siyi gave his shoulder a squeeze: “Don’t worry. When you come back you will be able to see your dog alive and well!”

Fu Xinhui’s voice is a little hoarse: “Brother, you take care!”

With red eyes, Zhang Siyi also said: “Brother, you take care!”

When the both taxis arrived, Zhang Siyi quickly took out his mobile phone and snapped a selfie with Fu Xinhui under the dim streetlight. Then he watched Fu Xinhui get in a car and leave.

When Zhang Siyi arrived at home, he was feeling lost. Zhang Siyi looked at the carefree dog then picked up his phone and took a picture.

Although he set his self-prescribed status to ‘closed’ for, for the sake of his best friend, he opened WeChat and posted to his social media.

“Heartless Han, don’t worry! I will take good care of your son! I I’ll be waiting for your return!” [Heart]  

There are two photos below the text, one is the selfie with Fu Xinhui, and the other is the stupid dog.

After hitting the post button, he turned to his history since it had been five days since he looked at his social media page. There were countless people praising his ‘closed’ state. Out of the many, he noticed Gu Yu’s icon. Wow, for the first time, even Gu Yu posted a compliment in his circle of friends! His Mother also sent a thumbs up.

Looking over his history, he is noticing the ‘new’ button being continually highlighted as new information is being added to the top of the page. It rose to more then 30 posts in just two minutes!

Zhang Siyi thought angrily: – Do these people have nothing better to do then look at their mobile phones every minute? What the fuck!

What Zhang Siyi failed to realized was, the location he uploaded his recent post to and the fact that he also, was a member of the group.

Ren Meng: “If you are going to say you aren’t gay, I will be first to say that I don’t believe it! [Mocking]

Jiang Hai: “I don’t believe it either!” [Wiping perspiration]

Tian Yujing: “+10086! [Heart] [smirking]”

Su Yuan: “Oh My God. You have a son! You didn’t really develop feelings?” [Wiping perspiration]”

Xue Wenhan: “Hey you two. It’s really easy to make people think you are gay.”


Zhang Siyi was so pissed off that he wanted to pick up his phone and smash it. They are only there to tease and comment on his photo. Why is no one asking where Fu Xinhui is going? Does anyone care?

Aside from his closer friends, there was a mass of comments below, all of which wanted to express their opinions whether they were good or bad.

UK University student: “I suspected that you were a pair, but I didn’t know it was true. In short, bless you.”

High school classmate: “This is … Zhang Siyi, are you gay?” [Terrified]

Junior-high school classmate: “According to the picture, I can now visualize the characters in my romance slash novel. [Smile]”

“……” Fuck you! (╯‵口’)╯(┻━┻

Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but reply in the public screen: “We are just pure friends! Brotherly love! Don’t misunderstand!!!”

Even after his message, there were a few more jokes and replies expressing doubts below his own. Zhang Siyi collapsed on the sofa and decided he wasn’t going to care. He sighed and grabbed his phone to turn it off, but instead, he was shocked to find Gu Yu’s message. The tone was very different then what Gu Yu normally posts to his social media page.

Gu Yu: “If you don’t want others to misunderstand then you should only send the information for him to see.”

Seeing Gu Yu’s message, Zhang Siyi sprung up out of the sofa and stiffly sat up straight. Deep in thought, intently concentrating, Zhang Siyi contemplated the message he was going to respond with. Another message notification popped up……

Gu Yu: “In addition, I thought you were closed. It’s only been five days. Did you finished drawing the blueprints?”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Gu Yu really is Gu Yu. No matter what. Gu Yu doesn’t forget to stab him with a needle!

Feeling depressed, Zhang Siyi pretended he didn’t see Gu Yu’s message so he didn’t reply.

Checking the chat history again, many people sent private messages. Now, there wasn’t a shortage of inquiries looking for information about Fu Xinhui. Zhang Siyi replied to their closer acquaintances about Fu Xinhui plans to go abroad.

Another dialog box popped up. This time, it was He Xueying. Zhang Siyi opened the window and read her message. He would never have imagines what she asked: “Is the person in your circle of friends named Fu Xinhui?”

Zhang Siyi was surprised: “How do you know him?”

He Xueying: “I met him at a party and exchanged contact information.”

Knowing what type of financial background, she had, in addition to the information that Fu Xinhui said earlier about meeting someone who had been to Australia……Is she the friend that he met? When Zhang Siyi asked, He Xueying confirmed his guess.

Once again, the world was so small. From her brother, He Chengtian meeting his classmate, Gu Yu, and then with He Xueying meeting Fu Xinhui, coincidences are everywhere.

Now that He Xueying knew Zhang Siyi was friends with Fu Xinhui, she asked him about Fu Xinhui’s current travel status. Additionally, since she had been in Australia before, Zhang Siyi entrusted He Xueying with helping Fu Xinhui understand Australian customs and introduce him to friends.

After dealing with the entire list of social media postings, Zhang Siyi thought about the two sentences that Gu Yu wrote to him. He was his boss speaking to his subordinate, nothing more.

With mixed emotions, Zhang Siyi reluctantly sent a private reply to Gu Yu: “I overlooked my closed status because my best friend is leaving.”

Looking at the large living room, Zhang Siyi felt the weight of all his worries on his shoulders. In addition to his unrequited love, he now has twenty days to pack and move with a dog. Thinking about the large task in front of him, Zhang Siyi felt even more depressed.


11 thoughts on “助理建筑师 羲和清零 101

  1. Like, WHAT THE HELL? There’s a limit to dense right? He just told him if you didn’t want people to misunderstand only show it to him. Doesn’t that mean all the posts he sees from ML are for him alone? He’s so stupid it’s pissing me off.


    1. He has bigger worries atm than playing social media footsie with ML methinks, but yeah I agree he’s dense


    2. girlll you need to take a chill pill. all the comments i see for this novel is you dragging siyi through the mud. if you hate him so much then stop reading! or at the very least show some curtesy and keep your comments to yourself. damn.

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    3. You seriously need to take a chill pill
      Your hatred and negativity towards Zhao Siyi is making me uncomfortable. You are the reason why I skip reading people’s comment here. Chill please, Zhao Siyi is a fictional character and I don’t think that you are even more experienced than him in reality, you are so biased towards him. Take a chill pill

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    4. Having experienced same-sex slow burn relationship myself IRL, yes you will be dense for a long time if you’ve been raised straight. It’s really difficult to admit a lot of things for yourself because it involves paradigm shifting.


  2. Gu Yu’s rude as hell for someone who’s not Zhang Siyi’s boyfriend yet 😒 I hope he finally asks Gu Yao for dating tips cuz he somehow can’t let go of his higher status when it comes to non-work-related things. Siyi’s allowed to post about a loved one who’s leaving, stop acting like his overbearing dad!

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  3. For the ZSY hater: a friendly reminder that his obliviousness is the reason for the slow burn. It is commonly used a a tool for adding drama to the plot in romance stories. The author wouldn’t have material for prolonging and stalling the ending up together of the couple if he was as wise and sharp as you are.

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