助理建筑师 羲和清零 096

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 96: Practice


…… Eeehh? So fast !!!

Holding the phone staring intently at the screen, Zhang Siyi could not believe he was so quick to bring up the matter of driving.

Zhang Siyi replied quickly: “I have time, but do you really have nothing else to do?” As much as Zhang Siyi wants to see Gu Yu, he is afraid of taking over his private time.

Gu Yu: “I already told you, I’ll take you out to practice driving. Its better to seize the moment now and not procrastinate.”

Zhang Siyi: “Well, thank you, then I will see you tomorrow!”

The two agreed to meet at 8:30 the next morning and Gu Yu would come over to his house and pick him up.

Even though the appointment was early, Zhang Siyi was so excited to meet with Gu Yu that he would have agreed to almost anything.

When the person he likes payed attention to him….. Zhang Siyi put his phone aside and hugged his pillow then excitedly rolled a couple of times on his bed feeling ecstatic.

At the thought of Gu Yu waiting to eat with the mysterious person, Zhang Siyi felt heartbroken.

…… Is it really not me that he likes?

…… If Gu Yu didn’t like me, why is he treating me so well?

…… Why did he have me lean on his shoulder in the cinema?

…… And now, he invited me out to practice driving……

…… Are these really just out of the boss’s love for his subordinates?

With his heart feeling high and feeling low, Zhang Siyi buried his head into his pillow.

After a few minutes of thought, he remembered something and quickly grabbed his phone. He began to look through his message history on WeChat.

A week ago, Gu Yu’s “Hmm” made him feel like Gu Yu didn’t care for him at all and thus, led to his withdrawal. But, that “Hmm,” was it just be because of ……

Scrolling though the posting history…… Keep going, keep going, keep going.……

Ah! That’s it. ——

 [January 1, 2015 11:38]

Zhang Siyi: “Are you kidding me? This song is too difficult!”

Gu Yu: “You can practice it slowly in small sections. I am not in a hurry anyways. I’ll forgive you when you play it for me.”


Zhang Siyi: “…” Is this the reason? ( ̄_ ̄| | |)

Even though the cactus has recovered, Gu Yu won’t forgive him until he plays “Summer” on the violin? But when he asked, he wanted to know what he could do for Gu Yu to quickly forgive him. Its been three months, so isn’t the time no longer relevant? Or, is it just simply: “I’ll forgive you when I hear you play the violin” ???

Zhang Siyi once again smothered his face on his pillow and groaned.

Although he wanted to talk with Gu Yu about it, it was very late already. Besides, he already said goodnight to him and not to mention, the embarrassment he would have if Gu Yu knew how much he fretted over his previous ‘Hmm’ remark.

However reminiscent of Gu Yu’s straightforward character, Zhang Siyi is inclined to think about his own speculations. – Why does it always feel like I’m digging a hole for myself!?

Early the next morning, Zhang Siyi stood in front of the mirror with two huge dark circles under his eyes. He wanted to hit a wall!

After struggling with sleep last night, he got out of bed and started practicing the violin until three in the morning. Due to the disuse of muscles in his arms, his whole left shoulder, neck and both arms and wrists were sore. When he brushed his teeth, his arm trembled.   – Shit! If his hands are going to shake like that, how will I be able to hold the wheel and drive?

At 8:25, Zhang Siyi went downstairs five minutes earlier than planned and was surprised to see Gu Yu already waiting for him. He quickly trotted over and asked: “You are here already. When did you get here?”

Gu Yu wasn’t wearing the beige trench coat like yesterday. Instead he wore a warm-yellow jacket which gave him a much more youthful style. No one looking at Gu Yu would believe he was twenty-nine years old.

“Not long.” Gu Yu smiled: “Get in the car first.”

Fearing the circles under his eyes made him look older then Gu Yu, he rubbed his cheeks to try and put some life back into his tired face.

Getting into the front passenger seat, he asked: “What about Gu Yao?”

Gu Yu handed him a breakfast sandwich and said: “She is at home. She is getting ready to go back to school.”

Not expecting Gu Yu to bring him breakfast, Zhang Siyi was touched by the gesture. He gave him a warm thanks then asked: “Why didn’t she come?”

Gu Yu gave him a sideways glance: “Do you really want her to come?”

Zhang Siyi vigorously shook his head: “No, just curious.”

As Gu Yu was starting the car, Zhang Siyi had his mouth full of food and asked: “Where are we going to practice?”

Gu Yu: “In the suburbs where there are fewer people. The city area is very congested with traffic so it’s not a good place to start learning how to drive. By the way, did you bring your license?”

Zhang Siyi stopped chewing. Driver’s license?

Gu Yu: “???”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Fuck! How can he forget such an important thing!

Gu Yu stopped the car on the side of the road and raised his eyebrows: “No?”

Zhang Siyi mechanically swallowed, lowered his head, then called his mother: “Hello, Mom? Are you at home?”

Gu Yu: “…” You forgot it to bring it from Ningcheng?


Yes, Zhang Siyi’s driver’s license that he got six years ago was stored at home in Ningcheng while he was away. Yesterday, when he saw Gu Yu’s invitation to practice, he was so excited to accept that he completely forgot the most basic thing.

Fortunately, Zhang Siyi’s mother was at home and according to his instructions, she found his license in the drawer upstairs in his room. She asked worried: “Why do you want your driver’s license? It’s been a long time since you drove a car.”

Zhang Siyi: “I know. I’m going to go practice driving with Gu Yu. Help me with my license and mail it to the company!”

Hanging up the phone, feeling sorrowful Zhang Siyi said: “I’m sorry. I guess I will get it in a couple of days.”

Without a driver’s license, he can’t drive and if he can’t drive now, then does he have to go back home? But it’s only been ten minutes together with Gu Yu!

Zhang Siyi slumped in his seat with his head down, despondently holding his half-eaten breakfast sandwich, waiting for Gu Yu’s verdict.

Wanting to scold him, Gu Yu turned to look at him, but seeing Zhang Siyi’s helpless expression, he couldn’t bear to be harsh towards him. With a lengthy sigh, Gu Yu then said: “It’s Ok. We are out already so let’s practice in a parking lot.”

Zhang Siyi: “Eh?” He didn’t think things would turn out well. Today’s plans weren’t ruined!

Once again, driving on the road, Gu Yu sighed while shaking his head he flatly said: “I really don’t understand what goes on in that head of yours. It’s such an important thing and yet, you forgot.” The corners of his mouth twitched as though Gu Yu was laughing at Zhang Siyi’s stupidity.

Zhang Siyi stole a glance at Gu Yu then continued to eat the rest of his sandwich silently.

Since Zhang Siyi didn’t have his driver’s license, there was no need to drive farther away to the suburbs. Gu Yu found a parking lot nearby then let Zhang Siyi change seats with him.

Pointing out the controls, Gu Yu simply explained how to operate the car. Since the transmission is fully automatic, it is much easier to drive then the manual transmission car he learned from in the past. All he needs to keep track of is the accelerator and break peddle.

Slowly pushing on the gas, Zhang Siyi drove around the parking lot to get a feel for it. Next, he practiced parking in a space. During this period, Gu Yu kept his hand on the emergency break incase there was a problem with the accelerator. He spoke up: “Go ahead and park. Stop and take a look in the mirror.”

“Oh, good.”

“The steering wheel turned too early, back, again…… One turn, that’s it. back, back, yeah, that’s good.……”


“Back out and we can move to another space. Do it again from a different angle.”


“Okay, very good. Next, try it in reverse. Remember to look at the rearview mirror…  Slow down, don’t be too fast… That’s it.  Ok, go back to the steering wheel, ok…”


“Ok, shift it to reverse and try it again…. Ok, yeah that’s good, stop!”


“Let’s find another space……” Gu Yu pointed: “Over there, the one between the two cars.”

“Those two cars? Don’t I need to practice parking without a car next to me?”

“You’ve had enough practice now, what are you afraid of?”

“What if I hit the car?”

“Then you’ll die.”

 “……! ”

“Oh, you pulled in smoothly. It’s good. Go out and look for a smaller spot.”

“………….!!! ”

Since he hasn’t driven for so many years, it was very stressful. With a racing heart, Zhang Siyi could feel sweat sliding down his forehead. He just finished parallel parking and felt completely exhausted. Shit! The pressure is too great!

Under Gu Yu militant guidance, he had Zhang Siyi practice almost all the different ways to park. Even so, Gu Yu still felt like it wasn’t enough. He asked Zhang Siyi to return to previous spaces and try again from start to finish at a faster pace. He spoke: “With continued practice, you will become proficient in no time and with determination, you will be able to do this will your eyes closed…… Hey, why are you shaking every time you turn the steering wheel?”

“I, I …” Blushing, Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed. He faltered and looked at his sore arms and didn’t know how to explain: “Yesterday, I did a lot of back and forth arm movements… they are a little tired.”

Gu Yu looked at him strangely for a minute in thought, raised an eyebrow then asked: “How many times?”

Zhang Siyi: “……”   (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

It was noon when Gu Yu decided Zhang Siyi had enough practice and thus, they returned to their original positions. Exhausted, Zhang Siyi sunk back into the seat and felt like his entire arm was useless.

Gu Yu: “I didn’t think you would be able to drive so well so quickly.”

Feeling like Gu Yu was always criticizing him and rarely ever getting complements, Zhang Siyi was flattered to hear his praise. Zhang Siyi replied modestly: “Well, it’s just parking. I haven’t driven on the roads yet.” With his humble words, his heart was floating and Zhang Siyi was feeling very happy.


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  1. Lots of back and forth arm movements?!? Is it just that my mind is in the gutter or does that mean what I think it means??

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