助理建筑师 羲和清零 090

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 90: Inquiry


By his reluctance to agree, and lack of communication, Zhang Siyi thought his hints were enough for He Chengtian to understand his intentions. Zhang Siyi didn’t expect him to continue asking about the job proposal. On one hand, he liked the sincerity that He Chengtian offered, but on the other hand, it made Zhang Siyi feel more embarrassed. He really had to say it straight to his face!

“Brother Tian,” Zhang Siyi put down his chopsticks, “Thank you for your invitation, but I’ve decided to continue to do architectural design.”

”Why?” He Chengtian was very puzzled. The workload is a huge gap. The salary is so poor. Zhang Siyi choose the harder path. Is he stupid?

It’s rare for Zhang Siyi to thoroughly explain his views so seriously. He looked at He Chengtian in the eye: “For the same reasons I told you last time. I like to do architecture. I know my income would be lower than if I accepted your offer, but I am fulfilled everyday by working in a field that I like. To be honest, I spent many years in University studying architecture and I don’t want that time to go to waste. Although five years is not long compared to my life time, it’s a very important beginning for me. From when I was a child until now, my Father always said I was a three-minute person. It’s only from my current situation that I understand what he was referring to and now I think he was quite right. An elder once told me, there is limited time in one’s life and there isn’t much time to select a different path for oneself. I’m already twenty-four. I can’t act like a child and stop just because there is a hill in front of me. This isn’t a small trifle. It is the first time I feel serious about something and want to pursue it. I want to grow in the field and make a difference and become a valuable person.”

After speaking for a long time, Zhang Siyi sincere words transformed the atmosphere at the table from a cheerful one into a solemn one.

He Xueying had her chin leaning on her ten interlocked fingers while listening to Zhang Siyi. Recognizing his passion, she had a newfound appreciation for him.

Now that she heard Zhang Siyi explanation, Gu Yao confusion with He Chengtian previous remarks were cleared. He wanted Zhang Siyi to change jobs. Looking at the earnest expression Zhang Siyi had, she understood why her brother liked him. He and her brother and her father are in a separate class of people.

Only He Chengtian was still frowning by the end of the speech. He was also moved by Zhang Siyi words however he had his own beliefs: “Maybe you are still too young to know that society can be very cruel. Many classmates of mine expressed their dreams just like you, but in the face of hardships, they crumbled. Few people can persist in their ideal career. In the end, everyone chose to get rich.” He Chentian sighed. Waving his hand, he said: “Since you have told me so, I understand you have made up your mind. I encouraged you to change jobs but I see that it won’t happen.”

Zhang Siyi is afraid his rejection will leave some friction between them. He hurriedly added: “I know that you have my best interest at heart. For so many years, you have not forgotten me. You think that I don’t know what this opportunity means, but I’m very honored for that offer. Perhaps after struggling for another two years, I will regret my decision. When I come crawling back to your door, please remember to give me a bite to eat.”

Being somewhat subdued, He Chengtian smiled at him.

An hour before the movie starts, they left the restaurant and the four of them decided to stop at the café near the cinema. Not ten minutes later, Gu Yu arrived. He was wearing an unbuttoned beige trench coat that Zhang Siyi has never seen before and a black cashmere sweater as well as snug fitting dark jeans with shiny, black wingtip shoes. He looked like a runway model; stylish and handsome.

Gu Yu looked around the café and saw them at a table then slowly walked over. Gu Yao spotted him, stood up and beckoned: “Brother, over here!”

His calm, cool, and collected approach attracted the attention of others near him. Zhang Siyi was watching him intently. Feeling dumbfounded, he never knew a man could be so attractive and sexy. His brain went blank. His heart, he didn’t know he had a heart! Since breaking through the psychological barrier of two men being together, the feelings Zhang Siyi had for Gu Yu intensified.

He Chengtian also recognized Gu Yu the moment he entered the café. He doesn’t need a good memory to remember the person who crushed him for three years in high school not only in academics but also as the high school idol. He felt the plethora of mixed emotions wash through him with a multitude of expressions to show for it; from horror to disbelief to composure and at the end to choke out the words: “This is……. Your brother!?”

Gu Yao smiled and said: “Yes. Let me introduce you to him. My brother’s name is Gu Yu.”

In the heart of He Chengtian existed a luxurious grass field, swaying in the gentle breeze, illuminated by the glow of a warm sun; both perfect and peaceful. However, now the ground was muddy, pitted and ruined as there was a stampede of horses galloping through his majestic field. He could only hold onto a lone tree still standing with all his might. Shit! Why does Gu Yao’s brother have to be Gu Yu!!! (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

Gu Yu’s eyes swept over everyone and paused at Zhang Siyi’s dazed expression for a moment then turned towards He Chengtian’s body. He generously reached out and smiled: “No need to introduce, I know him. He Chengtian, isn’t it?”

Puzzled, Gu Yao didn’t move: “What? How do you know him?”

Not wanting to look any longer, Zhang Siyi quietly raised his hand to cover his eyes.

Relaxing his furrowed brows and maintaining his own dignity, He Chengtian stood up to shake hands with Gu Yu: “Yes is it. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Gu Yu’s appearance has captivated He Xueying attention. She asked: “Brother, who is this? How do you know him?”

He Chengtian couldn’t control his twitching facial muscles. He forced a smile: “High School classmates.”

Gu Yao: “…”Σ( ° △°|||)_

Gu Yu pulled a chair from the neighboring table over and sat down. He looked straight at Zhang Siyi and asked: “Help buy a cup of coffee and a latte for me.”

Zhang Siyi: “…ok.”

Zhang Siyi got up and walked toward the bar to order the two requested drinks. He pulled out his wallet before he reacted. His sister was present, so why didn’t he ask her? Zhang Siyi went to get the drinks without question like a hypnotized person!

Although he doesn’t know why he reacted without thought, he felt extremely happy. This type of intimate request and response can only be freely asked by someone with a special relationship. (&////&)

With a happy face, Zhang Siyi leaned on the bar waiting for Gu Yu’s coffee. When the coffee was ready, he took it back carefully and put it in front of Gu Yu.

Gu Yu seemed anxious to hold the cup: “Thank You.” As he reached out to take it, Zhang Siyi didn’t have the opportunity to retract his hand. As their skin touched, a cold, hot feeling burst through Zhang Siyi like electricity. His fingers unconsciously flinched…. How…. what happened.… with one single touch, Zhang Siyi felt like he was going to burn up.

Oh my God! This is a terrible predicament. He wanted to escape from Gu Yu presence……. (o////o)

During the time it took Zhang Siyi to buy coffee, Gu Yu and He Chengtian made introductions and explained their history. Neither of them expected to have a sister and neither of the sisters would have guessed their brother were high school classmates. The world really is small!

When the only person that connected everyone together came back, he was very nervous, but seeing everyone getting along, he felt somewhat relieved. During their discussion, He Xueying learned that Gu Yu is Zhang Siyi’s boss.

Gu Yu’s ability to direct the flow of conversation is excellent. The stable and harmonious atmosphere is opposite of Zhang Siyi’s imagination. The only tension he could detect was the unconscious shaking movement that He Chengtian’s heel was doing that highlighted his anxiety and depression as he was looking back and forth between Gu Yu and Gu Yao. He Chengtian rubbed his forehead. Why must her brother be Gu Yu!

Since the movie is starting soon, the issue of tickets and seating came up again. Far apart from one another, there was a set of three tickets in the front and two tickets in the left rear. Who’s sitting with whom?

As the day initially was He Xueying’s invitation with Zhang Siyi, normally it would seem he and his childhood friends would sit together and a brother and sister pair should sit together. However, Gu Yao created this opportunity for her brother and He Chentian was watching Gu Yao with obvious intentions. Coincidentally, the two of them came up with the same idea…. Draw Tickets!

Gu Yu casually said: “I’ll hold them.” He held the five tickets out, and in a circle, everyone picked. Gu Yu took the last ticket. At the end of the draw, everyone showed their tickets at the same time. He Xueying and Gu Yao took the rear seat pairing and Zhang Siyi and He Chengtian draw seats in the front.

He Chengtian: “…” (=皿=)

He Xueying: “…” (=_=)

Zhang Siyi: “…” (=///=)

Gu Yao: “…” (=w=)

Knowing his ticket was one of the groups located in front, Gu Yu glanced at the middle position of the three and calmly said: “Let’s go in.”

When they were entering the theater, He Chengtian followed his sister inside and reached for her arm then whispered to her: “Here, change your ticket with mine.”

He Xueying turned a blind eye: ” Are you still afraid that your purpose is not obvious enough? Such resolute actions will scare the little girl away. Be patient!”

This person was certainly not his own sister! He Chengtian grumbled about her unwillingness to help him.

Inside the theater the girls sat down in the back row while the three men walked forward to find their seats. Almost everyone in the theater were either couples or chaperones accompanying little girls. The three men together walking through the theater and sitting down in a row attracted a bunch of curious eyes.

He Chengtian: “……” Why did I go out today? How did he get into this mess? Why is he sitting with two other guys watching “Cinderella”? And one of them was his most hated nemesis in high school? (O..o)

Zhang Siyi: “……” What happened to dating two girls? Why has it become a date with two men? (o..o)

After Gu Yu sat down, he took off his coat and put it on his hand. Before the movie started, there was a ten-minute preview with many commercials. The three men stared at the screen with no expressions, until the last half-minute of the previews. Gu Yu tactically said: “He Chengtian, I heard from Siyi that you wanted him to become your assistant.”

He Chengtian: “…”

After 10 seconds, Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi and smiled: “You won’t go, right?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” The advertisement ended and the lights in the house were dimmed to black. The permit for the release license appeared in the middle of the screen followed by the opening of Disney’s title. Looking intently at the screen in anticipation for the start of the film, the audience calmed down. Even if He Chengtian and Zhang Siyi wanted to say something, they couldn’t.


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