助理建筑师 羲和清零 087

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 87: Date


With mixed emotions, Zhang Siyi gave Gu Yu a compliment on his social media post. Lamenting about his own situation, he slumped on the sofa in self-pity. His phone sounded; He Xueying sent him a message.

Unlike his other friends, He Xueying didn’t write a public comment on his social media page. Instead, she messaged him privately and asked: “Sisi, are you off work? Was that a picture of your dinner just now on your social media page? Is that what you normally eat?”

Zhang Siyi: “I left work a while ago. I’m home now eating a Hot Spicy Rice Bowl for dinner……”

He Xueying: “You like spicy food? Did you buy it at a street vendor? It doesn’t look too good.”

Zhang Siyi: “Well, it’s not very tasty.” (t_t)

When he saw it at the roadside, he thought it would be pretty good, but after seeing Gu Yu’s meal on his social media page, his remaining dinner was difficult to swallow.

He Xueying: “Seeing your pathetic dinner, I have to invite you out and treat you to a meal. We haven’t seen each other for a long time!” [Snicker]

This simple invitation warmed Zhang Siyi depressed heart. He replied: “How can a girl invite and treat a boy? Do you even have the time?”

He Xueying: “Since I work from my office at home, I can set my own schedule and free time. Living in the central city area, we are all fairly close to one another. If you aren’t too busy, let’s go out for dinner. I can pick you up after work because I have a car.”  ^_^

Whoa, a car! Sure enough, she is the daughter of a multi-millionaire!

Fortunately, their chatting in WeChat over the past few days let them regain the casual familiarity that they once had as childhood friends. Zhang Siyi doesn’t feel he has to be so formal with her, and as a gentleman, he certainly will not ask to meet her at night. However, it has been many years since they have seen each other so it is almost like meeting for the first time. Therefore, their meeting can’t be too casual.

Zhang Siyi knows that his material and economic conditions aren’t as good as He Xueying. Never the less, he can’t present himself in a sloppy manner. Zhang Siyi replied: “I have no urgent projects at work right now, so I should be free during the weekend.”

He Xueying: “This weekend sounds perfect. We can go out early together. Since my friends recently saw “Cinderella” and liked it, I’ve been wanting to go with someone to see it. How does lunch and a movie sound?”

This girl is so sweet, but……”Ha-ha. Going out for the couple’s standard… It’s like we are going out on a date!” Zhang Siyi casually joked. From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to imply anything by going with her.

He Xueying casually replied: “You don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t have a boyfriend. Being both single are you still embarrassed to go with me unless it’s an official date?”

Zhang Siyi: “Ha-ha-ha, of course not. It is better to eat and watch a movie together than it is to be alone.” Previously, He Xueying clearly told him that her childhood “love” couldn’t be taken seriously, so Zhang Siyi didn’t feel like there were any ulterior motives. He rather liked the idea of hanging out with an old friend. Moreover, he wanted to do something to distract his attention from Gu Yu.

Zhang Siyi has thought about the issue of love before. Perhaps, having spent his energy on his career so earnestly these past months, he hasn’t had any time to think about normal love and thus, has left himself vulnerable to alternate ideas of love.

He Xueying appearance was like a timely rain after a drought. Since Zhang Siyi didn’t think she was expecting anything more serious with him, he felt at ease going out with her. Through a ‘normal dating’ experience, he thought he could take this opportunity to self-reflect on his own sexual orientation and unburden his current emotional deadlock. With such a good opportunity presented before him, he would be stupid not to take advantage of it.

He Xueying: “So how about it?”

Zhang Siyi: “No problem. See you on Saturday?”

He Xueying: “Great! I will pick a place to eat and let you know the reservation time.”

Zhang Siyi: “Deal!”

After chatting with He Xueying, Zhang Siyi’s mood was much better. He refreshed his social media page and saw more likes added to his post. Even Gu Yao commented. Gu Yao’s WeChat avatar is quite different from her brother’s serious one. She used a little rabbit that was petite, white, and round. Even though it looked like a dumpling at a glance, it was very cute.

Scrolling through his social media page he saw that he was the only one to comment about Gu Yu’s dinner post. Before, they had no common friends, but now there is Gu Yao. If she commented on Zhang Siyi’s social media page, why didn’t she make a comment on her brother’s? Although Zhang Siyi is a bit puzzled, he didn’t think about it further. He looked at Gu Yu’s social media page again and stared at the image. He noticed the lack of comments and the word “empty” seemed to stare back at him. Who is he waiting for……?

Zhang Siyi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quickly quit WeChat before his eyes could turn into envy.

Since WeChat was no longer active, he saw an unread message waiting for him and out of habit, he opened it without thought. It was a text from Gu Yao.

Gu Yao: “Brother Siyi, are you there?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes.”

Gu Yao: “Hey, do you have time this weekend?”

Zhang Siyi: “Why? What is it?”

Gu Yao said: “My School gave me some coupons for move tickets. My friends already saw “Cinderella” last weekend. I want to go see it with you and my brother this weekend on Saturday afternoon!”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit! This coincidence is too funny!

Watching a movie with Gu Yu? No, no, no…. this is too exciting. He can’t handle it! (&////&)

But, but, but… to be able to see Gu Yu not at work on the weekend…. He really wants to go. (o////o)

Since it would be like the time the three of them went to the movies together and saw Wolf Totem, Zhang Siyi doesn’t feel embarrassed to go out with Gu Yu.

Zhang Siyi tried to formulate a plan in his mind: But, when? Contact He Xueying and change the date to Sunday? But they have already settled on a time…… What about seeing the movie twice? Eat again and then see the movie for a second time?

While contemplating the issue, He Xueying unexpectedly sent him a message about their plans: “I’ve reserved a table at the Thai restaurant in Sung Le Square at 11:30 Saturday. It’s a very popular place to eat so it’s difficult to make reservations. Since it was early in the day, luckily, we got a table. Remember to arrive on time! “ ^_ ^

Zhang Siyi: “…” What speed is this!!!

Now, it was impossible to change the time of his date, so Zhang Siyi had no choice but turn down Gu Yao’s offer: “I’m sorry. I won’t be able to go with you. I’ve already arranged to see it with someone else on Saturday.”

Gu Yao: “You can’t come Saturday? Who are you going to the movie with?”

Zhang Siyi: “A friend.”

Gu Yao: “Male or female?”

Zhang Siyi: “…… Female.”

Gu Yao: “A date!?”

Zhang Siyi: “No. She is just a friend.”

Gu Yao: “What kind of friend?”

Zhang Siyi: “A childhood friend. We were neighbors as kids, and I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

Gu Yao: “Just the two of you?”

Zhang Siyi said frankly: “Well, the plan was to eat together at noon then watch “Cinderella” after.”

Gu Yao was silent for a bit and sent a cartoon expression of ‘grievance’. It was a little rabbit with red eyes and drooping ears with large tears streaming out, crying.

Feeling uncomfortable, Zhang Siyi didn’t like seeing her message. He also thought it was strange; Why is he starting to feel nervous about Gu Yao after questioning him about his date? He got a bad premonition…… Gu Yao… Is she interested in him? (=_=)



Fuck! Zhang Siyi, can you stop tooting your own horn? Gu Yao is so smart and pretty that the people who can chase her are out of your league. Why would she have a crush on you!? However, he must admit that as soon as they met, like close siblings, they got along extremely well. His mother even gave her a present so now, is Gu Yao using her brother’s name to ask him out to a movie?

Well, it’s very suspicious ……. ( ̄_ ̄)

Just as Zhang Siyi was fretting about this issue, he saw another text from Gu Yao: “Why don’t you ask your friend, and we can all go together?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” What the fuck type of development is this! ╭(°a°`)╮

Gu Yao: “Anyway, the two of you are also going to see “Cinderella” and I have three tickets.”

Zhang Siyi: “This…”

Gu Yao: “Oh, sorry. Am I being too forward? Since you said the person grew up in Ningcheng, she is also a Ningcheng sister, right? Because you aren’t going on a date, I thought we could all go and make this an opportunity for new friends.”

Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yao was indeed, being presumptuous, but she also was very logical and so he didn’t really have a reason to refute her. “Just a moment. I’ll ask her.”

Sending the message to Gu Yao, Zhang Siyi sighed. Then, he texted He Xueying: “Sorry, I want to ask your opinion about something that has come up.”

He Xueying: “Hmm? What’s up?

Zhang Siyi: “Another friend of mine asked me to also see Cinderella Saturday. She has three tickets. Do you mind if we all go see it?”

He Xueying: “Is she not at ease with you coming to a movie with me? If you have such a pursuer, tell me earlier. It’s good to avoid suspicion!” [Smirk]

Zhang Siyi rushed to explain: “No, no. You misunderstand. She is my boss’s sister and is also from Ningcheng. She is still in F-University to study. Even though she is a lovely girl, I have nothing to do with her.”

He Xueying: “Oh, I see. Fortunately, I booked the restaurant for four people, so it’s alright.”

Zhang Siyi: “She was only interested in watching the movie with us.”

He Xueying: “How can I not take her to eat when we will be watching a movie together? Since she is a Ningcheng fellow, let us all eat. Anyway, you treat us for lunch, and she will treat us to the movie. It’s a win-win situation for me.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Both are so enthusiastic, what is he still struggling with here? Zhang Siyi immediately informed Gu Yao of He Xueying consent and Gu Yao appeared to be very happy. Imaging his weekend “dating” two girls at the same time, he didn’t know if he should feel happy or feel worried. Inexplicably, Zhang Siyi felt like he was getting a headache.


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  1. I still think its a waste for ZSY’s mother to give that ring to Gu Yao.. who gave an expensive ring to a stranger even if she thought Yao is someone SY like.

    Probably only rich people do that 🤯

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    1. Uh. Gu Yao isn’t exactly a stranger since she’s a family of Gu Yu that they are familiar with? Also, why would it be a waste if it’s a token of gratitude (in exchange for the red envelope). It’s not a matter of market price but reciprocity of kind gesture. It doesn’t have a use for Mother Zhang anyway, and it definitely won’t be appropriate for Gu Yu, so Gu Yao is the best candidate. After all she never had a daughter and Gu Yao’s existence excited her. It’s not a loss for Mother Zhang’s perspective.

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  2. Bruh. I swear that he girl was the one that was gonna do all the paying lol why is it suddenly him? And “come on time” i legit thought she was picking him up lol then again maybe she just saying that like a joke


  3. Nooooo. I thought there’d be some ‘random encounter’ at the movies arranged by Gu Yao, but If It’s a double date, then it’d turn in a Gu Yu and ZSY’s date for sure.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. OMG.. a double date.. two handsome men and two beautiful girls.. anyone would think of two lovely couple. But the plot twist here is that the handsome man will end up with the other handsome man 😂😂

    Jiayou Yao Yao.. create opportunity for your Da ge and block any threat that comes his way. Go.. go.. go.. 💪💪


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