助理建筑师 羲和清零 083

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 83: Two Bedrooms


In a flash, all of Zhang Siyi’s memories are on hyperdrive. There are so many subtle coincidences between Zhang Siyi and Gu Yu that he is starting to believe what used to be thought of as random inextricable phenomenon are as if by fate, linked.

There was the cactus ball and the overtime work day when he woke up to a sensation where he found Gu Yu looking at him. Also, Gu Yu’s tape measure gift. Even though Zhang Siyi started with a white-lie of only playing the violin for a person he likes, Gu Yu unexpectedly asked Zhang Siyi to play the violin for him. There was Zhang Siyi’s properly preserved pumpkin in Gu Yu’s bedroom, and the generous New Year’s red envelope, and of course the increasingly suggestive ambiguous WeChat interactions……

As these thoughts percolated in Zhang Siyi heart and mind, he had to face the facts. When Fu Xinhui asked him that time after KTV, Zhang Siyi immediately rejected the idea because ‘Gu Yu had a girlfriend’. However, this problem was no longer an issue as the girl wasn’t a girlfriend, but his sister.

Even Gu Yao admitted to Zhang Siyi that she suspected her brother was gay more then once. Although he doesn’t know the specifics of why she felt that way, if Zhang Siyi combined this fact with Gu Yu’s actions during the True or Dare game, then it makes sense that Gu Yu would choose dare when Zhang Siyi asked him who he liked.

 …… The answer is on the horizon.

Zhang Si Yi stole a glance at Gu Yu while he was driving. His face was soft and yielding, yet focused and taut. It is a handsome face that very few girls can resist.

If Gu Yu really likes himself……

Then he can try too…….  

With a man…….

A relationship…….

Right? (o////o)

Fuck! Zhang Siyi, what are you thinking about! (&////&)

With his heart feeling like it was going to explode from his chest, Zhang Si Yi quickly withdraw his gaze. Where does he get the confidence to presume there is interest in Zhang Siyi? Gu Yu’s abilities are superior and he makes more money and he is better looking….. Liking him? Not possible!

It is said that when you like a person, people often over think the actions of the other person in order to convince themselves, the feeling are mutual. This is typical attention bias.

Zhang Siyi is a very self-aware person who knows exactly the type of girl he can attract and pursue for a serious relationship. If he approached a girl and was rejected, it’s just a moment of slight embarrassment that can be harmlessly laughed away. However, Gu Yu is a man. If there is a misunderstanding, then how will he put his face forward in the future?

Slumping in the seat in distress, Zhang Siyi didn’t want to think about it further. Since he wasn’t in the mood to chat, he also used the excuse of being sleepy to end their conversation.

At the same time in the backseat, Gu Yao was continuing her analysis of her brother’s love mystery. Through their conversations, Gu Yao confirmed that Zhang Siyi is very curious about her brother. Curiosity is precisely the beginning of all love; a good sign!

The most recent new info: Zhang Siyi gave her brother the pumpkin!

Is this a coincidence? No!

Judging from her brother’s cherished memories of pumpkin lanterns, Gu Yao had long suspected that this was a gift from his sweetheart. Together with these observations over the past few days, she has already made a conclusion. All the signs where there, but she still wanted to further test her hypothesis to confirm whether or not her brother was in love with Zhang Siyi and if Zhang Siyi reciprocated his feelings. Mainly because, Zhang Siyi’s last reaction made her doubt herself.  _ (: З”∠) _

Although it is true that Zhang Siyi is very curious about her brother, his probing only stays at a normal level. He also was quick to point out that the jack-o-lantern was just a happenstance, and not a specific gift.

It is hard to believe, but is this relationship her brother’s unrequited love?

….. No way! Her brother is lovesick?

When Gu Yao was younger, she thought her brother was such a perfect person. He was like an emperor picking out his concubine; a flock of fancy girls to patiently wait to be chosen as a girlfriend. In her eyes, his standards were so high and mighty that he could never take the initiative to talk about relationships and love in this life.

In this lifetime, Gu Yao would never have guessed her brother would have a period of unrequited love. Poor brother; never meeting someone to like and single for almost thirty years. It’s so rare to fall in love with someone, and that someone can’t feel it! But think about it. There are thousands upon thousands of different people in the world. So-what if a man meets a man. Can that not be a romantic story too?

Zhang Siyi seems to be a very normal boy. Its probably very difficult to emotionally disengage from the standard inherit upbringing.

Gu Yao sighed and began to worry about life….. For her brother’s sake, she must think of something and keep trying.

At five in the evening, they arrived in Haicheng. Since Zhang Siyi previously said he had something to do with his friends at night, Gu Yu didn’t say anything else. With only a slight wave of his hand, he silently dropped Zhang Siyi off at his apartment and left with Gu Yao.

Standing in the cold wind feeling abandoned, Zhang Siyi watched the dust get kicked-up as the Lexus drove away on the road. He felt numb as his brain couldn’t compute the emotional rollercoaster he experienced throughout the day. He turned his head and looked at the large pile of packages and bags sitting in front of his apartment building and sighed. As if today’s emotional ride wasn’t enough already, he started to feel angry at the lack of curtesy. Gu Yu couldn’t spare an extra few minutes to help him with the luggage?

Since his friend wasn’t home, there was no one to help him move his belongings upstairs. Zhang Siyi took multiple trips and half an hour later, he was able to move everything into his apartment. As previously mentioned, Fu Xinhui came by the place earlier to drop off Cheer-Up. When Zhang Siyi saw the dog, he was surprised at how much Cheer-Up grew over the past couple of weeks.

When the dog saw Zhang Siyi coming back, Cheer-Up excitedly rushed at him and enthusiastically circled around him. Zhang Siyi affectionately petted the dog’s head: “Well, well, be good and don’t slobber all over me….. Fuck! What did you do to my sheets!”

Before he left for the New Year’s break, he hung his sheets up in the living room to dry. He saw them on the floor in a messy pile. As he approached them to pick the sheets off the floor, he noticed a clear odor of urine on them.

“Cheer up …%¥#……!!”

Zhang Siyi is not amused. Gnashing his teeth, he gathered the soiled sheets into a ball and threw them away in the trash. He looked at the little devil sitting before him. Cheer-Up was giving Zhang Siyi the most innocent, adorable, cute look as possible.

Thinking about the ill-fated Fu Xinhui, Zhang Siyi gave up his urge to pull the dog’s hair out. Instead he patted his head and patiently said: “How many times have we told you not to pee at home? Do you think I’m your good-natured father? I don’t know when he will be back. Be careful so I don’t throw you out!”

Cheer-Up moved his body closer to Zhang Siyi, tilted his head and lifted a hind leg than sprinkled two drops of urine on Zhang Siyi’s foot.

Zhang Siyi: “……”

With the dog downstairs waiting, it took Zhang Siyi another two hours to wash the apartment and unpack his luggage. During this time, Fu Xinhui called to let him know he was unable to go out to dinner with him at night.

Zhang Siyi didn’t find it surprising as he never received a reply to his text to Fu Xinhui earlier while driving back. He didn’t say anything about his past text and instead, he calmly asked Fu Xinhui about his family. Fu Xinhui said they were still dealing with the situation and there was nothing new to report.

Zhang Siyi spoke to his friend on the phone: “You are busy with your family issues. Don’t worry about me.”

He thought he could wait until Fu Xinhui gets back to talk to him about his problems regarding Gu Yu and his own sexual orientation. He wanted someone to help him analyze the situation and come to a conclusion so he could make a plan about what to do. But now that Fu Xinhui is riddled with family problems, he doesn’t want to bother him with his own entangled feelings.

Zhang Siyi concern isn’t something he can easily talk about with others. After all, it is about his own sexual orientation. If he talks to someone who isn’t trust worthy, once the matter is voiced, his image will be completely destroyed. Hanging up the phone, Zhang Siyi collapsed on the sofa laying down. Looking at the empty house, he felt even more desolate.

First, Jiang Hai found a girlfriend and moved out and now Fu Xinhui is away because of his family. In the future, in this large three-bedroom apartment, will he always be alone?

Well…… There is a dog.

Zhang Siyi sighed and turned on his side to see Cheer-Up laying lazily on the floor and not laying in his cozy dog-bed. He couldn’t help himself say: “Stupid dog.”

Cheer-Up: “?”

Zhang Siyi paused for a minute and whispered: “Do you think he likes me or not?”

Cheer up: “??”

Rolling onto his back on the couch he placed his forearm on top of his brow and muttered to himself: “Actually, I kind of like him……”

Cheer up: “….”

Zhang Siyi sighed, sat up and looked at the dog. He firmly admitted: “Well, it’s not kind-of-like. I like him more than my ex-girlfriend or anyone else. This is the first time for me to feel in love…… But he is a man.”

Cheer-Up stood and leaned over.

Feeling despondent, Zhang Siyi looked up at the ceiling: “Do you think I’m gay?”

Seemingly like he wanted to comfort Zhang Siyi, Cheer-Up arched towards his leg.

Zhang Siyi touched his head and said: “Forget it. How can you know when your little guy isn’t yet developed?”

Suddenly, Cheer-up lifted his front paws onto Zhang Siyi leg and thrusted his hips.

Zhang Siyi: “………………”

Go to hell, you stupid dog! (╯’□’)╯︵┻━┻

After dinner and a bath, Zhang Siyi returned to his room to arrange his bed to sleep without sheets. He will have to buy some new ones later. Looking at the cactus on the window sill, Zhang Siyi thought with its bright green color, it looked much better. He stuck his finger out to poke it. The chassis was stable. It’s alive!  (⊙o⊙)

Since Zhang Siyi was so excited, he wanted to show Gu Yu right away. Holding the flowerpot carefully, he snapped a few photos. Eagerly waiting for Gu Yu’s reaction, he sent the best looking two in WeChat.

Ha-ha-ha! Now, you can’t blame me anymore, can you?

After waiting for 10 minutes, there wasn’t any response from Gu Yu. Zhang Siyi thought he missed the text, so he sent another one: “Boss, the cactus is doing well!” He followed up with a ‘kitten-selling-cuteness’ expression. After sending the text Zhang Siyi face-planted into his pillow and rolled around on his bed.

Calming down after a minute, Zhang Siyi checked his phone again, but there was still no reply. He looked at the time; after 10pm. Is he taking a shower? Or is he talking with his sister?

Fretting about it for another few minutes, Zhang Siyi gave up any pretense and sent a message to Gu Yao: “What are you doing?”

Gu Yao quickly replied: “Playing the game, Radish Defense. What’s the matter?”

Zhang Siyi: “How do you still play that? I finished it in one day, even the custom map.”

Gu Yao: “If you have something to say, then say it!”

Gu Yao: “Don’t get in my way of clearing the map! “  (#‵′)凸

Zhang Siyi: “Cough, where’s your brother?

Gu Yao: “He is in his own room.”

Zhang Siyi: “Don’t you sleep in his room?”

Gu Yao: “What!? I am also an adult, a pure flower. How can I sleep with my brother!”

Zhang Siyi: “… So where do you sleep? The couch? “

Gu Yao: “What do you mean the sofa? Of course, I sleep in my bed. My brother has two bedrooms at home!”


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  1. Hehehe so caught Gu Yu. Although it’s a bit of a mystery that you weren’t caught earlier. You are lucky that your fluffy bunny is so dense.

    Thank you for the chapter, what a wonderful surprise 💕

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  2. FUCK! WHY IS HE SO UNGRATEFUL?! I know he’s in denial but it seriously pisses me off. ML drove him for so many hours while he sat there chatting up his sister in front of him. What did he ever do for the ML? Why should ML be unilaterally considerate when he’s selfish prick? I don’t care how adorable he is. He needs to fix his damn values.


    1. He is not ungrateful.
      You need to consider that they have a professional relationship. And not to mention that GY is always bullying him.
      If he’s taught him many things, then he’s also responsible for bullying him many times.Our family’s ZSY is so stupid and cute..he can’t even retaliate. So just because he loves him doesn’t mean he’s to be grateful!
      I personally think, if someone bullied me to that extent even on my birthday..I will never forgive them so easily.


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