助理建筑师 羲和清零 065

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 65: Underwear


Gu Yu coyly smiled: “Since you have experience, will you teach me?”

“What!?” Zhang Siyi can’t believe what he just heard. There are a bunch of girls fighting over you and you still want to know how to charm them?

Gu Yu: ” Then tell me how you got your ex-girlfriend.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh, that…….” This question is not difficult to answer.

Gu Yu interjected: “Your ex is the one who accidentally spilled coffee on me?”

“Yes, that’s her, ” answered Zhang Siyi then continued to explain: “We met at a social party through a classmate. When I came back from my first summer vacation abroad, my friend asked me to come, and she was there.……”

Gu Yu interrupted him: “How can you tell that she was interested in you?”

Zhang Siyi: “She was always staring at me and talking to me.”

Gu Yu: “So if you stare at someone it means they are interested? I often see you staring at me.”

Guilty, Zhang Siyi defensively said: “…… That must be your delusion!”

Smiling, Gu Yu replied: “Oh…”

Zhang Siyi: “……” Just ‘oh’ huh? Why does it seem like you are laughing at me!?

Gu Yu: “You continue.”

Clenching and releasing the edge of the blanket, Zhang Siyi took a few deeps breaths to calm his nerves. “After that initial meeting, we exchanged contact information. I asked her out to see a few movies and eat dinner. On one beautiful night, at the end of a date when I brought her home, I sang her a song and asked her to be my girlfriend. She accepted.”

Gu Yu raised an eyebrow: “That’s it?”

Zhang Siyi: “That’s it. What else is there?”

Gu Yu: “You didn’t play the violin for her?”

Zhang Siyi: “Uh, no.” Why does Gu Yu remember his nonsense? (=_=)

Gu Yu: “Didn’t you say that you will only play the violin for the person you like?”

Zhang Siyi quibbled: “Just because I said I play it for the person I like, it doesn’t mean I have play it for them. At that time, she was already interested in me without having played it, so I didn’t feel the need to.”

Gu Yu: “So… it was easy to win her.”

Discontent, Zhang Siyi screamed in his mind then plainly stated: “It’s not difficult to win a girl! Take them out for dinner, give them a few gifts, and make a little romance. As long as the person you like is single, and they aren’t a Fool, they will surely come.”

Gu Yu was silent and did not speak.

Realizing Gu Yu might use these means to pursue the person he likes, he felt jealous. As an afterthought he muttered: “You are such a great person and look so handsome, there is no way people don’t like you.”

“Is that right?” Gu Yu smiled softly: “It’s a pity. The person I like may be a Fool. “

Zhang Siyi: “…” Is Gu Yu in unrequited love?

Gu Yu lamented: “But this situation isn’t bad either. I like, they like… the boring process is too simple and maybe it’s taken for granted. With a little difficulty, the feelings are more deeply affirmed, and the result will be sweeter.”

Left to his own fantasies for a moment, holding his own shoulders, Zhang Siyi heart is ready to explode. “Is it time for me to ask?”

Gu Yu yawned: “More questions? You don’t want to go to sleep?”

Kicking his feet inside the quilt, Zhang Siyi was impatient: “No, you asked me a lot, but I haven’t asked back yet!” Zhang Siyi stripped his clothes. There is no way he wants to end the game now! ╰(╰皿╯)╯

Gu Yu heard the tone in Zhang Siyi’s voice change and said: “Ahem, really? Then you aren’t allowed to quit. Tonight, I will play with you until you beg for mercy.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu: “Ask me three questions first, then it’s my turn.”

Given three sugars, suddenly Zhang Siyi is happy to fly again! Zhang Siyi wanted to ask him about who he likes again, but he is afraid that Gu Yu will become suspicious of him, so he decided to avoid the topic. He stayed away from emotional questions and instead asked him about his financial resources. “Can I ask you about your salary?”

Gu Yu: “Just my salary from Borderless?”

Zhang Siyi: “Do you have any other salary?”

Gu Yu: “Is this the second question?”

Zhang Siyi: “…… No!”

Gu Yu: “Oh, if you are asking about my salary from Borderless, the monthly income is 20,004 before the tax, not counting bonuses.”

……So much! The basic salary is almost two or three hundred thousand a year! And Zhang Siyi knows that for architects at the top, the salary is nothing. The big money is earned from project bonuses. He is so curious. What to do….

Zhang Siyi: “So how much is your total income?”

Gu Yu: “There are ups and downs. Do you want to know this year, last year or the year before?”

Zhang Siyi: “This year …”

Gu Yu: “More than 800,000.”

Zhang Siyi: “!!!” Although, it’s not like his friend, Shen Hao, from home, it is still a lot; ten times his own! 800,000 is also nouveau rich! (╯°Д°)╯

Gu Yu reminded him: “This is the last question. Don’t let this opportunity pass by.”

Why does he feel like he already wasted his other questions? Zhang Siyi thought about it for a few moments. His emotions were a mess and he felt extremely tangled. Finally, he choked out a question: “What do you think of me?”

Zhang Siyi wanted to hear something positive. After all, he has been working hard, however now, lying in bed next to him with the quilts separating them, why does it feel like he is suggesting something else?

Gu Yu was silent for a moment and laughed: “You?”

Zhang Siyi: “……”  o////o

Gu Yu shrank deeper under the covers in bed and whispered: “I’ll choose a Dare.”

Zhang Siyi: “………” Fuck! You want a Dare for this kind of question!? Is it so difficult to give me an evaluation?

Gu Yu naturally took off his pajama pants threw out of the bed and then said: “Tell me how high the floors are of these houses: low-rise residential, multi-story residential, middle and high-rise residential, high-rise residential, super-high-rise residential.”

Zhang Siyi did not react: “What?”

Gu Yu: “This is my question.”

Zhang Siyi: “Shit! You can’t ask this? You’re breaking the rules!”

Gu Yu: “How am I breaking the rules? I didn’t ask questions you don’t know. I remember I told you to write these things down last month.”

Zhang Siyi was speechless and thought about it with great concentration. He said: “Lower 1-3 floors, multi-story houses 4-7… Oh no, it seems to be 4-6 floors, middle and high-rise houses 7 to…11 Still 12?”

Gu Yu: “You didn’t write it down?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” is over, he forgot!

Gu Yu yawned again and urged: “Come on, say it.”

Hands covering his own face, Zhang Siyi said: “I forgot. I choose a Dare.” He has no clothes on, what else can Gu Yu do? Can’t be something as insane as sleeping without a quilt for one night?

Gu Yu whispered: “Is sleeping naked in someone else’s home good?”

Zhang Siyi suddenly reacted, and he was caught in a hole! No wonder Gu Yu had no problems with taking off clothes. Because this is his house! But he is a guest and like Gu Yu said, is it normal for people to be naked in someone else’s home and lying in the same bed? How is it not shameful? He was so stupid to follow Gu Yu’s example! It’s too much!

Gu Yu turned his head and smiled at him and asked: “Would you like to wear a piece of clothing?”

Zhang Siyi: “What?”

Gu Yu explained: “For your Dare…. I will give you something to wear.”

Zhang Siyi is alert. Is Gu Yu so kind? “Ok……”

Gu Yu “heh” smiled and said, “hold on” and reached outside the covers to the neighboring table, exposing half his body.

Just as Zhang Siyi thought that Gu Yu was reaching down to get his clothes, he heard a drawer being pulled. After a few seconds, a small piece of clothing was stuffed into Zhang Siyi’s quilt along with the cool air.

Zhang Siyi reached around until he found something. A pair of underwear, but this is not his underwear……

He stammered: “Whose are these?”

“Whose can they be? Of course, it is mine, rest assured, washed, and cleaned,” Gu Yu gently and softly said. Then, in a commanding yet soft voice he said: “Put it on.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Wearing someone else’s underwear?

Fuck ! …. Fuck !! ……..  Fuck !!! ……..

Why does it feel more shameful than wearing nothing??? Zhang Siyi felt his whole body burning up. He struggled for a while, desperately trying to resist, but this was a game and they both agreed to the rules. With great shame and disgrace, he mechanically and obediently put on Gu Yu’s underwear. His body reacted unexpectedly.

No, “bro,” you don’t have to go along for the ride! t////t

Come on, think of Aunt Chang! There are Amida Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha statue ……

Hoo, hoo, finally calmed down.……

“Are you dressed?” Gu Yu confirmed with a smile. “You just asked whose underwear it is, no now it’s my turn to ask again.”

“……” What the hell, that was a question? Flinching, Zhang Siyi doesn’t want to play anymore. He doesn’t know why Gu Yu is deliberately letting him feel so terrible. But Gu Yu did not stop. Zhang Siyi almost collapsed when he heard what was asked: “What do you feel as a straight man wearing another man’s underwear?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Putting his elbow on his pillow, Gu Yu curiously propped up his head with his hand to see Zhang Siyi’s expression. Scared, Zhang Siyi shrank further into the bedding and shouted: “I surrender! I concede defeat! I’m not playing anymore! I want to sleep!”

He was too naive to think that the scope of a Dare in this bed can’t do him harm, but he was very wrong. Zhang Siyi forgot that his opponent was Gu Yu. A black-belly bones of a man! It’s just one bed, but Gu Yu has made him suffer extreme distress!

“Don’t you want to play? “Gu Yu grinned at the two eyes peaking back from under the quilt. Although, it’s dark and Zhang Siyi’s expression is hidden, the vision of tear stained cheeks is too stimulating, too enticing that it only makes Gu Yu want to tease him further. “What did I just say?”

What did he say? Zhang Siyi thought back and recalled their conversation: ” …. you will accompany me to play unless I beg….?” Gu Yu, what kind of bad fun is this?

Gu Yu looked at him tenderly and said: “Beg for mercy, come, cry Gege to me, and I will let you go.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”


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