助理建筑师 羲和清零 059

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 59: Assistant


Feeling ecstatic, Zhang Siyi’s face was hot and his heart was sweet. He rushed over to get into the car with Lu Qiao following. Gu Yu gently patted Lu Qiao shoulder and encouraged him: “You have done very well.”

Lu Qiao clasped his hands into one fist and with a praying motion he looked brightly at Gu Yu: “Then we have a holiday tomorrow?”

Nodding, Gu Yu said: “Let’s go! When we get back to the company will be able to pack up things in the afternoon.” Lowering his voice, he said: “In fact, every employee who stays until the last day can get a red envelope of 500 yuan with approval. I’ll let them give it to you in advance.”

“Yeah!” Lu Qiao excitedly jumped into the car and punched Zhang Siyi in the shoulder.”

“Ow! ow!”…… You’re crazy!”

As usual, the Chinese meal destination was arranged by the City officials and unlike previously, they went to the local hotel located in the center of the city. Perhaps for the Secretary, the feast in the hotel is more formal and classier, ​​but Zhang Siyi, who is used to eating at hotels, feels that the meal isn’t as good as a homemade one.

After the meal, they rushed back to Haicheng and arrived at the company in the evening. Lu Qiao was first to pack up his things and receive the red envelope for New Year’s then he said goodbye to Zhang Siyi. The added holiday days are counted after the year and the next meeting won’t be until after the Lantern festival.

While packing up his desk, Zhang Siyi was thinking about Gu Yu proposition and payed attention to the movement behind him. Does he discuss his stay over with Gu Yu? When does he go to his house? Do they eat dinner together? Where will he sleep? Does he need to bring anything? And so on. He has been waiting for Gu Yu to come out first so he can ask in a more roundabout way.

When Gu Yu left his office, he saw Zhang Siyi motionless at his desk: “Why haven’t you gone back?” Zhang Siyi hurriedly got up, opened his mouth to say something. Gu Yu didn’t give him the chance to respond. He raised his eyebrows in question: ”Or do you want to come home with me today?”

Zhang Siyi: “… I didn’t!”

Why can this guy say such flirtatious things without batting an eyelid!?

Gu Yan smiled and walked with Zhang Siyi together out of the office. He said: “Go back home and rest in the evening. Tomorrow get up and pack your luggage then clean the house. Since the holiday time is long and the weather in Haicheng is humid, make sure to wash and pack up the linens so they will be ready to use when you return.”

Zhang Siyi listened in silence, inexplicably feeling that Gu Yu’s words were beyond the scope of a boss’s concern, but more like a close brother, or a master… cough. “I know.” He commented, interrupting him.

Gu Li immediately stopped. He didn’t realize he was talking to Zhang Siyi. He smiled and said: “I have forgotten that you have lived here for so many years and your self-care ability should still be there.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

As the two entered the elevator, Gu Yu continued: “I have a younger classmate, who is very smart, but an idiot. Last year, he graduated and went to Haicheng to rent a small house. The winter months aren’t like the capital. He doesn’t pay much attention to personal hygiene. Last year, he returned to his hometown of Shandong. When he came back, he called me and said that his family’s quilt pillows were all hairy and green.”

Zhang Siyi: “Hey!”

Thinking of the scene, convulsing, Gu Yu laughed out loud.

Zhang Siyi was also laughing at the same time. Seeing Gu Yu like this, Zhang Siyi knew that his concerns are not only directed at himself. Zhang Siyi thinks he probably is like this with everyone.

Exiting the building, Gu Yu said: “OK, when you are finished tomorrow, give me a call,” and waved his hand goodbye to him.

Zhang Siyi returned home and went downstairs with Fu Xinhui to eat and talk about the New Year’s plan.

“When are you going back to your own house? You’re supposed to be there for the new year, aren’t you?” Asked Zhang Siyi.

Fu Xinhui: “Of course. I went back yesterday, but we haven’t had our meal yet, so I waited for you.”

Zhang Siyi smiled and said: “What are you, my mother? You didn’t need to wait for me. What about Cheer-Up?”

Fu Xinhui glanced at him and addressed him without reproach: “I’ll bring him with me by car.” Although his sister hates dogs and his mother has some allergies he is uncertain. However, since Cheer-Up is still small, and he isn’t shedding much, Fu Xinhui thinks it’ll work out fine, especially if dog stays in his room.

After he finished his thoughts, he asked about Zhang Siyi’s plans. When hearing Zhang Siyi was going back with Gu Yu to Ningcheng, he didn’t say anything about it. He only nodded and offered a toast: “Happy New Year in advance!”

Zhang Siyi raised his Cup: “Well, Happy New Year! Wishing us all the best in the coming year!

Early the next morning, while Zhang Siyi was still asleep, Fu Xinhui took Cheer-Up and left first. Like Gu Yu said, he cleaned up everything. After hanging up his washed clothes and bedding to dry on a rack in the living room, it was three o’clock in the afternoon. At this point, he felt is was still too early to call Gu Yu. Instead he checked over the apartment once more then rummaged through his closet to take out his most handsome and expensive down jacket. Thinking about New Years, he went to take a hot bath. When he was finished it was close to five o’clock, almost time for dinner and a good time to call Gu Yu.

When the phone rang twice, it was connected, and Zhang Siyi said he was all packed and ready to leave.

Gu Yu asked: “Do you have a lot of luggage? Do you want me to pick you up?”

Surprised Zhang Siyi replied: “No I have a roller-suitcase. I’ll take a taxi over.”

Gu Yu: “OK, I send the address to you over WeChat.”

Zhang Siyi opened the phone and looked at the message he sent: “xxx road xx get far Mountain Garden 28.”

Zhang Siyi opened the phone and looked at the message that Gu Yu sent him: “Zhong Road xx, 28 Yuanshan Garden”

Shit! Yuanshan Garden? Isn’t that the famous villa area of ​​Haicheng?

Last time, when Gu Yu mentioned the area where he lived, Zhang Siyi vaguely associated it with Yuanshan Garden. I didn’t expect it to be there!

The section of the garden was built in the 1920s and 1930s. It belonged to the border crossing area and there were many foreign nationals and celebrities living there. The villas of Yuanshan Garden combine Chinese style with national architectural styles. There are some unique features. Some of the celebrities’ former residences have been developed and reorganized into local cultural and tourist attractions. They are also open to the public. This street is often used as a backdrop in photography shoots and films.

However, most of the houses there belong to the government. They are leased to merchants or commercial businesses by the government. Even if they have money, they may not be able to live there. Remembering Gu Yu mentioning it’s his friend’s house, Zhang Siyi is surprised. Does Gu Yu’s friend have such a background?

Soon the taxi came, and he was on his way. Gu Yu sent him a message. The house isn’t easy to find, so he will wait outside on the street for him.

All the way from his place to Gu Yu’s, Zhang Siyi follows the navigation. His curiosity is piqued. After the last turn, he sees Gu Yu wearing a blue-grey coat standing on the side of the road in the distance. Behind him is a is a Chinese-style mansion with French neoclassical style. The pure white walls, exquisite wall columns and engraved line corners make the perfect scenery for a perfect picture of the most handsome person.

Seeing Zhang Siyi getting out of the care, Gu Yu waved at him. Following Gu Yu, they finally arrived at building 28. The Shikumen style entrance is very small and crowded in the middle by the two adjacent buildings so it’s difficult to find.

After entering the gate, there was a small yard with moss climbing up the stone walls and a stone road. At 5 o’clock in the evening, it was a little dark. Zhang Siyi looked around in a circle and vaguely saw a big water tank in the corner of the yard. Nothing else was clear. Gu Yu has already opened the door to greet him. Entering the door to change shoes, Gu Yu put on a pair of elegant cotton ones and passed another to him. He took his suitcase and placed it on the wall.

Zhang Siyi is like a cat who tentatively enters new territory. He is in deep thought and curiously asks: “What about your friend?”

Gu Yu said: “What friend?”

Zhang Siyi: “I thought you told me you were living in a friend’s House.”

Gu Yu crossed his arms and replied: “The house is his, but he doesn’t live here. I live alone.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Gu Yu took off his coat and hung it on the hanger. He turned to go inside: “OK, come in, don’t be like a thief standing in the door.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Unlike Zhang Siyi’s imagination, this old villa is not a stepping stone that will squeak with muddy gray walls that have not been painted for a few years. It looks like it has been renovated recently.

The floor is covered with carpets, and the plain fabric sofa in the living room has no TV. Instead, it is a row of bookshelves. Standing on the side of the warm-colored floor lamp, the color layout of the space is very comfortable, and it comes from the designer’s hand.

There are a few reeds and cattails in the black long bottle in the corner, which is quite beautiful.

Zhang Siyi turned his head and found a calligraphy word hanging on the wall. It was the first part of the sentence that was hung in Gu Yu’s office. Seeing these words, his tension suddenly increased. It remined him of standing in Gu Yu office waiting for his evaluation and criticism of his own work. It didn’t make Zhang Siyi particularly feel relaxed. He hasn’t quite digested the fact that, Zhang Siyi is completely inside Gu Yu’s territory. Thinking he is surrounded by all things Gu Yu; his heart is racing again! o////o

He doesn’t know what temperature the room is, but he is feeling hot. He put his schoolbag down and unzipped his jacket while silently scolding himself: “Stupid, this isn’t the office. Gu Yu is not your boss. Think of him as an ordinary friend. Stop being so nervous!”

Gu Yu washed his hands and slowly rolled up his high sleeves while watching Zhang Siyi and asked: “What do you want to eat? Can I cook for you?”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

So good, so gentle, the tenderness, such care…… Zhang Siyi feels the full force of Gu Yu’s charm.

“I, I… will it be too much trouble for you? We can eat outside instead.” Zhang Siyi stammered.

Gu Yu replied: “These two days, the restaurants outside have been closed. Anyway, I have some ingredients in the refrigerator. If you don’t mind…”

“I-I, of course I don’t mind!

Zhang Siyi was anxious to take a stand. Gu Xiao nodded, smiled and asked: “Then you sit on your own for a while?”

Zhang Siyi politely: “Do you want to help?”

Under normal circumstances, Zhang Siyi felt that the host would refuse the help of the guests. I didn’t expect Gu Yu to simply bow down and said, “Well, then come over and help me wash the dishes.”

…. What!? I’m just saying it to be polite! Motherfucker!” …… Damn it!

Zhang Siyi took off his hat and jacket and walked over to the kitchen. Since the kitchen was not equipped with warm water equipment, his hands were frozen after washing the dishes for ten minutes.

When his hands started to warm up again after finishing the wash, Zhang Siyi felt like it was almost OK. However, Gu Yu did not give him a break and handed him three eggs: “Break the eggs.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” (╯#°Д°) How can you do this! Aren’t you supposed to cook for me?


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  1. 🙏 Yikisan , i feel even more grateful to you for going such a hard job after I’ve seen those double paragraphs. If I had read this machine translated i’d have been more confused than looking at it in Chinese. I love this book I hope you continue to the end. 💕


  2. On the picture below, on the building it says Boundless. Now I am assuming that that’s the name is the company . Am I right?


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