助理建筑师 羲和清零 048

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 48: Singing


“Gu Yu, we’re going to KTV to sing, do you want to come?”

Reticent, Zhang Siyi walked up to Gu Yu, the heart fluttering.” Watching Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu had no expression on his face. His voice is very soft: “I still have something else to do today. Next time.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Zhang Siyi’s mind relaxed. However, he felt an emptiness in his heart, like when an expectation hasn’t been met. Turning back, he waved to the crowd: “He’s not coming.”

Everyone had a look of “I thought so”. Even Zhang Siyi couldn’t motivate Gu Yu to move, let alone the regular staff. Today’s balloon game was probably a one-time occurrence for the Boss to mingle with the staff; a special case.

“Well, then according to the old plan, let’s go play by ourselves!” Ji Feiyu said, and he waved down a taxi.

“Ji Feiyu, wait a minute,” Liang Xuiying said on the side, suddenly interrupting him. He gestured to the group of people who was with him, “Everyone here is about the same age. We are all in the same industry and are mostly single. This is a good opportunity to meet people.”

Everyone chuckled at the words of Liang Xuiying. indeed, as he said, the construction industry is usually very busy and the time commitment isn’t understood by laymen, so most young people are single. Although young people have a heart for courtship, they are helpless because they have no social time. With such a good opportunity for “friendship” everyone readily answered with a resounding yes! Cheerful, the two groups of people, now more than twenty, go together to the subway, ready to go sing raucous songs at KTV.

On the spur of the moment, Zhang Siyi also sang. He grabbed the microphone and belted out “One Love” by the English group Blue Band. Even while wearing sweatpants and sneakers, he was quite charming. He was well able to keep up with the fast pace when he sang in fluent English.

When Zhang Siyi finished singing the song, there were many girls that came over to chat and asked him where he studied English and how to best practice it. Zhang Siyi’s heart is so sorrowful. He finally felt that he saved face which he had just lost, at the annual meeting. This is the image he wants. Although this is also somewhat contrived. Zhang Siyi spoken English isn’t as good as when he sang because this English song were specifically practiced by him in order to impress others.

After singing a round, Zhang Siyi received a call from Fu Xinhui and asked him when the annual meeting would end so they could go out to dinner. Zhang Siyi: “The annual meeting is over, my colleagues and I are singing in KTV, not sure when I’ll be back to eat.”

Fu Xinhui gave a desolate “Oh”. Comparing his lively atmosphere to Fu Xinhui alone and pitiful one, Zhang Siyi felt a little guilty and uncomfortable.

He thought: This is not a serious company party, could Fu Xinhui join them? But Zhang Siyi did not tell his friend and replied on the telephone: “I will call you later” then he went to ask Ji Feiyu.

Bi Lele happened to be on the side and curiously said: “Is that your friend who picked you up that time you were drunk?”

Zhang Siyi nodded: “It’s him.”

Bi Lele and Xu Jia were surprised: “Wow, handsome brother Ah! Invite him to come over!” Several female colleagues who haven’t seen Fu Xinhui have inquired a few words and are also excited.

Zhang Siyi hurried out to give Fu Xinhui a call back and asked him to come over.
Fu Xinhui said: “But it’s all your colleagues.”

Zhang Siyi hurriedly said: “Its not just our company. It’s very casual and there are several girls in the company who have seen you and they have expressed a warm welcome. Come on don’t be a baby.”

Fu Xinhui: “… Fuck, wait.”

“Ha-ha! Sing first, dinner later!” Zhang Siyi hung up the phone. Settling his friend, he feels relieved. Just then, the phone vibrated again. Zhang Si Yi looked at his phone and unexpectedly it is Gu Yu calling!

“…… Hello?” Zhang Si Yi tentatively answered his phone. Why is Gu Yu calling him now?

“I have finished the matter, where are you? I am coming.” Gu Yu replied.

Zhang Siyi “……”

Suddenly he starts to worry. Gu Yu doesn’t know they are together with GA people, and he will meet with Fu Xinhui for a while. What will he think? Zhang Siyi scolded himself: “Stupid, you think too much! What is there to misunderstand?” He simply reported the address, pocketed his phone, rubbed his hot face and returned to the room. Fortunately, the light in the room was dark, and everyone couldn’t see any abnormalities. Zhang Siyi announced to everyone: “Boss Gu is coming.”

Some of Zhang Siyi’s co-workers who are drinking, lost their chins: “What! How?”

Zhang Si Yi scratching his head: “I don’t know, he said things are done.”

Bi Lele stared at Zhang Siyi and asked, “He called you?”

Zhang Siyi: “Yes…”

Only Liang Xuiying smiled: “We are having so much fun, how can he not come? Maybe he is worried that I will take his people away from Borderless, so he is coming over to monitor us.”

Ji Feiyu said strangely: “How does he know that we are together?”

Liang Xuiying shook his mobile phone: “I took a small video and posted it to a certain circle of friends on WeChat.” He pointed to Zhang Siyi. “There is someone here who sings so nicely. It is such a pity not to come to the scene.”

Everyone: “…” Suddenly feeling something is very insidious, what is going on?

Gu Yu has not arrived yet. Zhang Siyi fidgeted for a while. When he thought of Gu Yu his heart pounded in his chest and the hot feeling washed over him again. He never had this problem when he was with his girlfriend!

Fu Xinhui was first to arrive. Zhang Siyi went to the hall to pick him up. Normally, on the weekdays he is home wearing loose casual clothes, but today Fu Xinhui is wearing stylish cloths worn to impress. Zhang Siyi looked again at his sweatpants he was wearing and shouted: “I am going. You are too handsome.”

Fu Xinhui laughed: “You have so many colleagues here. I can’t always come out sloppy.”

He led Fu Xinhui into the room and introduced: “My buddy, Fu Xinhui. He also studied architecture. Everyone say hello.”

Bi Lele smiled and patted the empty space next to her: “Hey, handsome guy come here to sit!”

Fu Xinhui was used to this kind of social scene. He was not nervous at all and sat down in a manner-of-fact and talked freely with several people. On one hand, Zhang Siyi feels happy, but one the other, he is feeling unsettled. When Gu Yu comes, is the atmosphere going to change for the worse?

The door of the room was pushed open and the figure of Gu Yu appeared. Liang Xuiying stood up and signaled to him. Smiling he said: “Come on!”

The crowd also enthusiastically chanted “Gu, Gu”. Now it’s not the office and people’s nerves have calmed down. With the help of alcohol, people are no longer feeling retrained. The warm atmosphere of the scene suddenly reached its climax.

Gu Yu smiled and waved at everyone, and like the seat at noon during the annual meeting, he walked straight towards Zhang Siyi to sit down. His colleagues are expecting this and take the initiative to make a space for Gu Yu to sit next to Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu glanced on the other side of Zhang Siyi and saw Fu Xinhui: “Gee, is you?”

Fu Xinhui nodded to Gu Yu: “Gu always good.”

He did not know the position of Gu Yu. He only has heard Zhang Siyi say ” Boss “, so he thinks “Gu” is alright.

Gu Yu smiled and extended his arm across Zhang Si Yi to Fu Xinhui to shake hands. “We have seen two or three times so called me Gu Yu on the line. I remember, Siyi mentioned you are not only roommates but also classmates?”

Fu Xinhui heard him say “Siyi” and looked at Zhang Siyi strangely.

Zhang Siyi: “…” Don’t look at me, I didn’t hear anything!

(=////=) Fu Xinhui looked back at Gu Yu: “Yes, we studied in the UK together at university.”

Gu Yu asked: “Where are you working now?”

Fu Xinhui: “Well, I’m not looking for a job yet.”

Gu Yu looked at him and said: “Why not?”

Fu Xinhui: “I am not sure if I want to do architecture…”

Gu Yu: “If you aren’t sure then why did you study it?”

Fu Xinhui: “I just choose something.”

Gu Yu nodded then said: “Ah, your life is very casual it seems.”

Fu Xinhui: “……”

Zhang Siyi: “…………” Hmm…. are you going to include me in your conversation or what? Also, why did that sound like a lawyer cross examining a witness?

In fact, Gu Yu’s tone was neither appreciated nor criticized, but only an objective conclusion.

Fu Xinhui is not annoyed. He asks: “Why are you doing architecture? I think Zhang Siyi often works overtime. It’s not easy.”

He thought Gu Yu would say something similar to Zhang Siyi ‘money’ reason. He did not expect the other person to smile and answer honestly: “Son of the father.”

Zhang Siyi erected his ears – the son of the father? His father is also an architect?

Gu Xiao paused, and added: “Of course, there is a reason why you may not be able to understand, personal feelings.”

Fu Xinhui frowned and was completely silent.

Zhang Siyi’s thoughts are also floating in the clouds. What “personal feelings”?

But he didn’t have time to ponder. After a few seconds, he was pulled back by Gu Yu’s next move. Zhang Siyi felt his waist being patted followed by the side of his arm being pressed. Gu Yu leaned closer and his unique voice sounded in Zhang Siyi ear: “Sing a song for me.”

Zhang Siyi really thinks it’s ‘unique’ because when he spoke to Fu Xinhui he spoke in a much different voice.

But what do you mean by “sing a song for me?” Angry, Zhang Siyi clenched his fists irritably. I’m not singing to you!

In the end, he got up to sing another English song. Probably because of nervousness, he didn’t sing as well as before, but Gu Yu seemed to be very happy listening.

After Zhang Siyi sang, the more he thought about it, the more he was depressed. He put the microphone in the hands of Gu Yu and said: “I haven’t heard you sing a song. Now it’s your turn to sing!”


The author has something to say:
Two have, two have, finds the clue make one by one, remembers that scatters the flower aha!


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  1. Is he jealous? Why is this adult alpha male Gu Yu acting like a lil 6 years old boh in love..

    Maybe that why he acted like that.. since if he act nice he gonna be the next Fu Xinhui (idk if FX has a crush on ZSY or not)

    So he acted like dick to ZSY to make him more noticeable to him 🤨🤔🧐

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