助理建筑师 羲和清零 047

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 47: Games


Wearing a suit, Gu Yu’s clothes weren’t very convenient for activities. When he approached the stage, he simply took his jacket off and gave it to the host, revealing a white shirt underneath. The edge of the shirt was loosely tucked in the waistband of his pants emphsizing his well proportioned physique and exuding sex appeal.

Eight pairs of people, standing opposite one another line up on stage and help tie each other’s balloons. Although Zhang Siyi is younger than Gu Yu, he is only two or three centimeters shorter than Gu Yu. The two are similar in size and seem to be evenly matched.

The hostess gave the order and the game started!

Standing up straight, Gu Yu had his hand behind protecting his own balloon stiffly. He wasn’t sure if there was a certain etiquett to maintain. His clothing was restricting his movements a little. In contrast, Zhang Siyi was completely relaxed and focused on beating Gu Yu. With shuffleing feet, slightly bent knees, and hands out he was ready to play the game. Staring at Gu Yu he smirked and pounced!

In panic, Gu Yu defensively took a step back to avoid him.

Zhang Siyi extended his left arm out and made a grab for Gu Yu’s balloon. Gu Yu side stepped to the right – a miss! Zhang Siyi immediately took a swipe with his right arm, but Gu Yu avoids it to the left – missed again !

Circling around, Zhang Siyi took a bunch of swipes at Gu Yu and fails. Shit! Don’t hide if you have the skills!

Gradually, Gu Yu adapts to the rhythm of the game. He is paying close attention to every action Zhang Siyi takes in a defensive manner, never attacking. After the initial panic passed, Gu Yu is more relaxed and finally has his arms out in a playful manner.

Although there are many groups of people on the stage, almost everyone’s eyes are focused on Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi. Like running around after a chicken, the two of their interactions make the audience laugh like crazy.

Staring at Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi is gasping for breath. Since his current chaseing method of attack isn’t working, he decided a quick explosive power move might be better. Like a cat getting ready to pounce on a mouse, Zhang Siyi paused for a moment and gathered his momentum in order to strike at Gu Yu.

Watching Zhang Siyi carefully, this time Gu Yu didn’t evade him. He let Zhang Siyi rush at him and throw his weight onto himself. Gu Yu takes this opportunity to reach around Zhang Siyi waist. All the women stared at the stage not able to express their surging mood.

In the game on stage, Zhang Siyi has no idea what his movements look like to the audience. Gu Yu was embracing Zhang Siyi. Wanting to make his next move, Zhang Siyi is only focused on the game and reaches out. He sees Gu Yu stepping forward to meet him and suddenly feels his waist being touched.

Zhang Siyi was so frightened that he quickly backed away from Gu Yu’s grasp looking alert. This game looks simple, but in fact, it is not easy! Ah!

Since the balloon is tied to backside of the waist, the game player wouldn’t be stupid enough to turn around. Zhang Siyi has tried both reaching around and moving around to catch the balloon, but neither have worked!

As Zhang Siyi originally thought, if you want to break the opponent’s balloon, it is necessary to get very close in melee range, but once you are that close, the balloon behind you is also at risk. Ah! What to do!? When Zhang Siyi hesitated, Gu Yu grinned micheviously and motioned his finger at him, as if to say, come here again.

In the face of such obvious provocative actions, Zhang Siyi was excited all over, from the tips of his toes to the ends of his hair. Gu Yu gestures riled up Zhang Siyi competitive spirit even more. He was in sweatpants and Gu Yu was in a suit. He had to win!
In the next minute, everyone in the audience watched the most passionate interactive scene of the year!

With renewed vigor, Zhang Siyi pounced on Gu Yu over and over again. Each time they met, Gu Yu embraced him and reached around Zhang Siyi’s waist for his balloon. Every time, Zhang Siyi would flee Gu Yu’s arms by taking a step back to order to protect his own balloon.

Everyone is watching the two of them on stage. Feeling flushed, some thin-skinned girls cannot look any longer and some male colleagues are holding their stomachs laughing. There were others who were quietly watching and chatting…

“…… Oh My God! Why does it look like those two should be ashamed!”

“You are not alone! It feels like Gu Yu is deliberately flirting with Auntie Four!”

“Gu Yu is too much!. If I go on stage and be hugged like that, then I’ll become stupid!”

“Yeah, it’s hard to imagine how much heart load is needed to become a girlfriend of Gu Yu!”

“Oh! They embraced again!”

“Whoo-hoo! They hugged in the same place!”

Pressing onto Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi scrambled to protect his balloon. This time the crowd gasped, and saw them falling to the stage.

On this occasion in this critical moment, Gu Yu reached out with one hand to catch Zhang Siyi’s waist and hold him tightly in his arm while bracing himself for impact with the other. In the confusion, Zhang Siyi held his breath. “Pop” The balloon burst from the pressure of their weight.

Zhang Siyi nervously closed his eyes and fell, expecting pain. Instead, he heavily hit something soft and warm. When he slowly opened his eyes, another set of eyes were staring back. On top, he was tightly affixed together with Gu Yu.

Boom, Boom, Boom……. I don’t know whose heartbeat it is.……

Gu Yu gasped, his hand was still on Zhang Siyi waist, but did not catch the balloon on him. With a gentle smile he quietly asked: “Are you hurt?”

In an instant, Zhang Siyi brain is swept away by the frenzy. Bang, bang, bang, his heart is about to jump out of his chest!

… Wha… why?…

He felt hot, dizzy, and feverish. His feelings and emotions of more than 20 years were completely subverted by Gu Yu’s smile, Gu Yu’s eyes, and Gu Yu’s voice.

…Why didn’t you just let me fall? Why didn’t you grab my balloon?…

Until the host announced that Zhang Siyi won this game, Zhang Siyi was motionless. When hearing the status of the game, Zhang Siyi hurriedly got up from Gu Yu and instinctively reached out to help pull him up. Somewhat in a daze, Zhang Siyi hasn’t recovered from this strange and intense mood.

A few rotten girls in the audience have just witnessed the scene and wiped the nosebleed quietly back. They feel that the amount of blood stored for a year has been emptied. “Too, too foul …”

Although defeated, under the stage, applause and screams issued forth while Gu Yu took his suit jacket that was hanging on the arm of the hostess. He freely waving to the crowd then gently brushed the ash and dust from his body while stepping down to walk back to the table.

Zhang Siyi went on to participate in the next round but he couldn’t focus. He was a little out of shape and soon failed. Fusterated, he stepped of the stage.

Gu Yu was eating a bowl of chicken soup that had just been served on the table. Drinking the broth in his mouth, he saw Zhang Siyi coming back. Looking up, he followed his movements with fervid eyes.

When Zhang Siyi saw Gu Yu looking at him, his heart jumped fiercely. He turned away, afraid to look at him… When it’s over, what spell did the great devil really put on him?


After that, four or five small activities were carried out in succession. It continued until 2 pm, but Zhang Siyi did not participate in any more events. He was exhausted after the balloon catch event. He could only sit still at the table and follow the group. Eat and drink.

In the final lottery, he also failed to win the prize. Only Lu Qiao was lucky enough to win a tablet from their department. However, at the conclusion of the successful meeting, all members regardless if they participated in activities or not, were given a 200 yuan New Year’s red bonus envelope. With a chorus of cheers, the banquet came to a close.

The time is still fairly early. Since its unusual for all of them to have free time to spend together, they intend to find a lively place to socialize. A few hours of slides were displayed and Zhang Siyi became the mascot of the entire architectural design department. Of course, everyone did not forget to call him. Zhang Si Yi is a play-loving character, so naturally he would follow.

When a group of people just left the hotel, Zhang Siyi saw the young man who was chatting with Gu Yu before the annual meeting. He was also with his colleagues, standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus, two groups of people met, and the young man took the initiative to wave at them.

Before, Zhang Siyi was far away so he did not see the other man’s looks. Closer now, he could see the handsome man laughing a little evil laugh. Ji Feiyu recognized him and headed over to greet him: “Hey!”

Smiling, Ji Feiyu introduced him to his group from Borderless: “This is Liang Xuiying. He originally worked together with Gu Yu at the Design Institute. I knew him for two months. He works at the GA firm now and is an excellent architect. They were also having their annual meeting next door to ours.”

Liang Xuiying came over and asked: “What about Gu Yu?”

Ji Feiyu: “I don’t know, maybe something. He hasn’t come down yet.”

Liang Xuiying: “You aren’t going to call him?”

Ji Feiyu scratched his head: “He has never been involved in this kind of activity…”

Liang Xuiying crossed his arms and said: “You should call him. He is only cold hearted on the surface. If you invite him more, he will mingle with you.” Looking around at the group of people he spotted Zhang Siyi: “Hey, you are the one like a silly-little-child asleep in the photo.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Liang Xuiying: “Who made you look like that?”

When everyone saw Liang Xuiying, there was no restraint. They all laughed: “Director Gu took it!”

Liang Xuiying opened his eyes wide and laughed out loud: “I should have known!”

What do you mean, “How could you have known?” The crowd was curious.

Liang Xuiying covered his mouth: “I know him as an undergraduate classmate. He liked to play pranks on his roomates. A real black belly. I didn’t know him so much at work. At that time he wasn’t so childish and only occasionally played a trick.

Crowd: “…” What!? Boss is that kind of person!?

Several female colleagues looked at each other and read similar excitement in each other’s eyes – why is the bad Gu Yu more attractive?

As Liang Xuiying was talking about Gu Yu history, he and Tong Heyi and several leaders of the landscape planning team came out of the hotel.

Liang Xuiying hurried: “Hey, he is coming. Go invite him. He is very fun.”

Everyone: “…” Is it fun to play in the end? Everyone’s appetite was hoisted by Liang Xuiying.

With a hand Bi Lele pushed Zhang Siyi: “Four! Fast, call him!”

Deliberately hiding behind the fat Zhu Hongzhen to weaken his sense of existence, Zhang Siyi did not dare see Gu Yu. He didn’t expect to be picked out by Bi Lele. He hurriedly replied: “Why me!?”

Everyone blankly looked at Zhang Siyi. Just who was holding onto who on the stage and you aren’t ashamed? Now, looking at the whole company, you obviously have the best relationship with Gu Yu so you do it! Zhang Siyi was pushed by the group and he reluctantly walked in the direction of Gu Yu.

Gu Yu sensed Zhang Siyi’s approach and looked straight at him. The two men’s sight touched in the air. Again, Zhang Siyi felt that he was hit by a faint current sending electricity flowing from the tips to his toes to the ends of his hair. He felt himself getting hot.

…… Shit! The evil spell has manifested again!


The author has something to say:
This chapter writes my good feelings of love to bud! Be very fond of! Asked to scatter Flower-\ \ (≧▽≦)/~


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  1. I freaking hate this situation.. got the vibe from “Love rival with my brother” something novel

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    I really hope Gu Yu is someone like Yan Fei from Beloved Marriage in Society.. but… argh I am staying for Zhang Siyi my boiii 😤😤

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    1. Ehh, honestly, I don’t think it’s even close to the novel you mentioned. Gu Yu is rather an awkward person than a bully and Zhang Siyi is simply innocent, not stupid… Moreover, not every seme has to be such a kind guy like Yan Sui (although I like him, too). I think a bit of teasing is not bad as long as they don’t cross the line. Gu Yu is probably falling in love with Zhang Siyi, so he tries to catch his attention, but they are in a precarious situation as a boss and subordinate. Gu Yu doesn’t seem like someone who can express his feelings clearly, too.

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    2. I’m conflicted.Sure GY is an awkward person but..Is this the author strategy to stab and then lick the wound so the fluff is heightened?lol


    3. There’s clearly a “black belly” tag, so you are forewarned before reading the story that Seme isn’t a saint. Perhaps you are looking for a perfect doting love interest who never gets angry and spoils MC to the max. Kinda unrealistic, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other stories out there. Also, I don’t think ML’s attitude here is so bad to call the uke stupid for falling in love with him. Just like how the uke can be immature sometimes, ML can also be a bit naughty sometimes. Everybody has flaws.

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    1. Ok, this has got to be the best chapter yet!!!

      ““…… Oh My God! Why does it look like those two should be ashamed!”

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  2. Man I’m loving this! I can’t remember when was the last time I enjoyed reading a novel this much. I keep on smiling and laughing as I read. I love its slow pace. Thanks for the translation! (๑♡⌓♡๑)


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