助理建筑师 羲和清零 044

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 44: Rejection


At 8:58, Gu Yu appeared at his office, in the company on time.

Although it is his birthday, he isn’t wearing anything different then he usually does. With his smoky grey coat and Levi black jeans, he looks slender and refined.

He usually carries pencils and a pocket sketchbook in his jacket year-round and today is no exception. The left pocket of his jeans is bulging with pieces of paper sticking out. If he doesn’t have his backpack with him, he always carries a large book or album under his arm like the one he had on the day they met in the coffee shop. Also, Zhang Siyi knows that he reads a lot of books. He has seen Gu Yu carrying a variety of books with a Haicheng Library label on the binding, like the book of poetry by Gu Cheng

Since Gu Yu is a typical engineering student, it’s hard to imagine an architect going to see the collection of literary poems. Whether it is speaking or thinking, he is logical and clear, and never confusing or subtle. The only time Gu Yu revealed a certain literacy, was when he used the poem of Wang Anshi in the text of the Z-City project.

Today, he walked quickly with a large book wrapped in an old cloth under his arm, from the elevator to his office without trouble. At the door he stopped moving and looked at the dense pile of cactus in front of it with a questioning look. With doubts and speculation in his eyes, he looked around the office area until his sight landed on the closest person, Zhang Siyi.

Watching the computer screen nervously and pretending to be drawing carefully, Zhang Siyi had his back to Gu Yu. Gu Yu slightly raised his mouth and opened the door of his office and spoke: “Zhang Siyi, come over.”

“……” Fuck! I’m not ready!!

Zhang Siyi hurriedly stuffed the small green light that was originally hidden in his clothes into the drawer and got up to walk over.

Gu Yu has bent down to take two pots of cactus and said: “Help me get these to the front desk together.”

Zhang Siyi stunned: “Why?”

Amused, Gu Yu addressed him: “Actually, I want to ask you why you put so many cactus here?”

Zhang Siyi flatly replied: “I didn’t put them there.”

The smile on Gu Yu’s face was gone. Zhang Siyi felt a little guilty. Although they weren’t his gifts, he was the one who proposed the idea. If he does not accept them, how will his next plan be carried out?

Zhang Siyi wrinkled his eyebrows and whispered: “Don’t you like cactus? Today is your birthday so everyone is happy that you will accept it.”

Holding two pots of cactus, with a faceless expression, Gu Yu did not seem to acknowledge him.

Zhang Siyi was very helpless and had to help him move the potted plants to the landscape frame at the entrance of the office. It was a donation to the company’s plants. On the way back, he made an apologetic expression to the female colleagues who had been looking forward to Gu Yu acceptance.

The female colleagues seemed to be used to Gu Yu demeanor so while frustrated, they didn’t take it to heart. A few minutes later, Gu Yu sent a message inside Group A: “Thank you for the gift. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. [Smile] ”

The employees received the news and immediately replied with a “Happy Birthday”. The female colleagues also had a smile on their faces and the atmosphere was harmonious. Except for Zhang Siyi. Instead his heart ached. What about his own gift? Gu Yu is so cold and indifferent, he doesn’t know what to do.

Internally, Zhang Siyi struggled: “It took six hours to make and it looks great! How can I not give it to him?” All morning, Zhang Siyi anxiously mulled over the issue and finally, after lunch learned why Gu Yu acted the way he did.

Not only are the company’s rewards and punishments clearly defined, but also employees’ birthdays have standard benefits, including Gu Yu. Therefore, he can’t engage in special gifts from his subordinates. Whether it is a cheap cactus or something else, if the first is accepted, then there will be a second time and more and thus, mutual fairness will be broken.

But Zhang Siyi is not quite the same. Not long ago, Gu Yu gave him a tape measure so he can use this reason to return a gift to him. Also, he made this gift himself, therefore it is in a difference category then small gifts purchased at a store.

After figuring out this layer of relationship, Zhang Siyi gave sigh of relief. He admitted to having an ulterior motive by giving him the lamp with Birthday wishes. However, people die for money, birds die for food, under great economic pressure, integrity is the moral clouds, dark society by me to stir the muddy water — all for the bonus, go! Cactus!

After seeing Gu Yu return to his office from his meal, Zhang Siyi pumped his fist, got up and knocked on the door of his office.

“Come in.” Gu Yu was pouring a cup of tea. Once done, he pulled the back of his chair out and sat down. The book wrapped in cloth was on his desk half open and the title was now revealed; “Ice”. Zhang Siyi didn’t know what the book was. Gu Yu interrupted his momentary thought: “What are you looking for?” Gu Yu picked up the book with one hand and drank tea with the other.

Zhang Siyi carefully took out his cactus lamp from behind his back and placed it on Gu Yu’s desk. Now, sitting opposite Gu Yu, he thought of his pride and ambition and is feeling a bit shy. He pushed the lamp forward, saying nothing. His heart was up and down.

“What is this?” Gu Yan glanced at him curiously and lifted it up to look at it more closely. “A cactus?”

“Yeh!” Zhang Siyi eyes brightened, feeling relieved. Of course, Gu Yu would know what it is, unlike Heartless Han, that idiot. He thought it was a tennis ball. Afraid to be rejected, Zhang Siyi eagerly explained: “This is what I did myself. It is a small night light that will light up.”

Gu Yu turned it around in a circle and saw the switch on the base. He pressed it with a ‘click’ and the sphere immediately lit up from the inside and emanated a green glowing light. Because it is daytime, it doesn’t seem so gloomy and in fact, the lamp looked small and cute.

Gu Yu smiled and asked, “Are you giving this to me?”

Zhang Siyi nervously rubbing his thighs under the table: “Well, I wanted to give you a present in thanks for your tape measure gift.”

Gu Yu smiled and put the little lamp in his hand and looked at it for a long while. He said: “It’s lovely, thank you.”

Zhang Siyi looked at him with uncertainty. He accepted the gift just like that? It feels quite easy!

“But I’m surprised.” Gu Yu put the lamp aside. “I thought you would play the violin for me today.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Shit! If you are going to be so cold, then don’t accept it.”

Gu Yu bowed his head to drink his tea. He changed the topic: “Will you participate in the photo contest?”

Still feeling frazzled, Zhang Siyi reaction is a little slow: “Ah? …. Yes, I will.”

When Gu Yu looked at Zhang Siyi, his long eyelashes lifted up and revealed deep, mesmerizing eyes: “I specifically proposed this photography event. With your good level of photographic ability, you should grasp this opportunity.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Coming out of Gu Yu’s office, Zhang Siyi continued to be in a trance. Things didn’t go according to his plan. He was looking forward to seeing a grateful expression on Gi Yu’s face. Originally, he thought Gu Yu would accept his gift earnestly and that would be that. Instead, Zhang Siyi feels like he was being played by Gu Yu.

However, Zhang Siyi was really touched. He did not think that the effect of giving gifts would hit him so fast. Or it should be said, that even if he does not give this gift, the idea that Gu Yu in private is thinking of him makes his whole body heat up from head to toe. Zhang Siyi feels like he is fluttering on cloud-nine and thought that Gu Yu is just too good. Whoo-hoo ~ (>_<)

Thinking of the book on Gu’s desk, Zhang Siyi curiously searched the Internet – “Ice” by the author Zeng Guofan. It is a classic document about relationships between people. It is Zeng Guofan’s insight into the mind and heart. It presents a unique strategy for hiring and employing people as well as a good practical reference for readers making it easy, yet interesting to read.

Zhang Siyi: “…” You play with the heart and the mind boy!

At night Zhang Siyi left the office and arrived back home punctually. He bumped into Fu Xinhui who was just leaving to walk the dog. Cheer-Up was wearing a beautiful silver colored collar and was obediently following Fu Xinhui.

Although still small, one could see how handsome and valiant the dog will grow up to be from its solid gold hair and stature. “Do you want to go with me? You didn’t eat dinner, did you? Come, let’s have a meal together.” Fu Xinhui gave an unsolicited invitation.

Zhang Siyi certainly would not refuse an invitation to dinner. On the way, he told his friend about Gu Yu’s rejection of the female colleagues’ gifts and acceptance of the cactus lamp he gave him. Smiling, Zhang Siyi felt proud. Fu Xinhui felt uneasy: “Are you sure people won’t think you are gay?”

Zhang Siyi said: “Why would people think that over a little lamp?”

Fu Xinhui: “Well, that’s not the point. The point is that he only received your gift …”

Zhang Siyi waved his hand: “Oh, it’s impossible. Before, there were female colleagues who thought he was special to me, but I feel that they are just joking. There is no reason to think there is anything more to it.”

Fu Xinhui irritated: “Then why do we always get mistaken for being gay?”

As they spoke, there was a sudden screaming around them: “Ah! So cute!”

Two beautiful, college student girls saw the golden puppy that Fu Xinhui was holding, and they came over to them with excitement.

“Good cute puppy! What kind of breed? Labrador? Can we pet him?”

Fu Xinhui generously let them come close and answered their questions with a gentleman’s face. The two girls were smashed, and they affectionately pet Cheer-Up for a few minutes before they looked up and saw Zhang Siyi standing on the side.

“Hey, are you raising this dog together?”

“Hey, are you guys gay?”

Fu Xinhui: “…” (=_=)

Zhang Siyi: “…”

It was hard to get rid of those two girls. This reoccurring topic makes Zhang Siyi feel frustrated. “Why do people always think we are a couple? Ah! Not just my ex-girlfriend, but my boss played this joke too! Are we trying to be gay? Do you have a gay temperament, or do I?”

Continuing their walk with Cheer-Up Fu Xinhui declared: “Definitely not me.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”


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  1. As far as punishments go, this is simply a little much ba. I mean, it will win cuz it’s funny. But then he has to see his sleeping face framed in the main office for everyone to see!! So embarrassing! Also, I feel FX likes ZSY as a friend.

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  2. On the previous chapters, when Yu Rai went to Borderless, it said;

    Out off 99% straight men, 1% is Siyi.

    Doesn’t that explain everything?

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