助理建筑师 羲和清零 039

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 39: Requirements


Reading Gu Yu’s message, Zhang Siyi heart stopped. He felt like his spine has been ripped from his body and is now his whole body feels weak. It’s over!

When did Gu Yu finally find out? He thought he did it seamlessly! Although he is on the ‘I Love My Job’ award list, does this mean Gu Yu will go to the personnel department and report him?

Nooooooooo………! His bonus!

Zhang Siyi quickly got up from the bed and went to see the cactus on the window sill to see if its better, but it’s only been ten days since he replanted it in a new pot. The root was completely cut off and the whole sphere was yellow. It clearly looked sick.

What to do? Gu Yu is waiting for his explanation, but how can he explain that he almost killed his son?

… Gu Yu will definitely be angry!

Experiencing Gu Yu’s anger is far worse than getting 1000 bonus. Zhang Siyi felt even more afraid, like when he was a child. The feeling of horror and despair he felt in his heart when his Father discovered he did something bad at home. Zhang Siyi climbed back to the bed and clicked on the WeChat dialog box…

What to do….  be honest? Or lie again? Maybe I brought it home because I liked it? If that’s the case, why not bring the ball back? Instead, I replaced the original. Gu Yu is not an idiot. He won’t be fooled by this reason!

Zhang Siyi thought: “On that day when Yu Rui visited, he must have seen it and he has known all this time. God! I’m so stupid! I’ve been a fool!”

While in bed, holding his head tossing and turning, Zhang Siyi cried: “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” He struggled for a long time before he picked up his mobile phone and decided he must be honest and confess. It’s a similar experience to his childhood when he made a mistake and stood in front of his dad for a review, awaiting his punishment in the face of death.

“Gu … The ball’s root looked rotten. I don’t know why.” If Zhang Siyi can give him a reasonable reason, then maybe he will be forgiven. “I was afraid I wouldn’t get a ‘I love My Job’ bonus so I bought a similar cactus and replaced it.”

Gu Yu did not reply, and Zhang Siyi continued to explain: “But the cactus is not dead. I took it home to deal with it.” Zhang Siyi quickly took a picture of the true cactus and sent it to Gu Yu.

The receptionist at the front desk said that as long as the plants are not dead, they will meet the conditions for winning the prize. Now that the ball is dying, but it is not completely dead, will it be fine?

Is Gu Yu dissatisfied with his explanation? Zhang Siyi waited for the other party’s reply with a heavy heart. He turned back to look at post in Gu Yu’s circle of friends and only now noticed the time-stamp. It was posted before the holidays! He used to check his social media so often that not having noticed now, really doesn’t fit his personality. Will Gu Yu think he is deliberately evading responsibility for all this time?

Zhang Siyi hastened to clarify this point: “Sorry, I only just saw your news post now.”

After waiting for more than 20 minutes, the phone vibrated with Gu Yu’s reply!

He asked: “You have been in the company for four months. Have you poured water on the cactus?”

Zhang Siyi: “No! I didn’t even pour water on it, and it became like this!

Gu Yu: “Normal cactus take water once a month. You can’t pour the water down in the center. Too much water and the root will rot.”

Zhang Siyi: “…I didn’t water it, really!”

He felt embarrassed. Even if he doesn’t take care of plants regularly, he understands enough about a cactus to know it needs to be watered less, but it’s now rotten!

Gu Yu also said: “A bigger cactus might be ok not watering it for a few months, but for such a small one, the cactus will certainly dry to death if you don’t water it for that long. Regardless of what is wrong with it, because you have not been paying attention to it for four months, it must mean, you do not care.

Zhang Siyi was terrified. Gu Yu is digging him a huge pit……!

Gu Yu also said: “When you adopted the plant, I asked you if you liked the ball. How do you answer me?”

– Fuck! Waiting for him here!

Gu Yu: “For four months you didn’t water it, didn’t pay attention to it, and you don’t even know what’s wrong with it, but in order to take the bonus, you switched it. Is this stunt your so-called ‘Love’?

Zhang Siyi was knocked down by Gu Yu, and it was only at this moment that he found out what he had done wrong.

“I’m sorry! I was wrong…… I did not do well. I did not pay attention. I will take care of the cactus and strive to revive it.” At this time, Zhang Siyi is full of shame and guilt from the heart. The simple text is insufficient to express his inner sorrow. Even though Gu Yu previously questioned the use of an emoji as something little girls do, Zhang Siyi sent him several ‘crying-down-on-his-knees’ emojis. “If it doesn’t live, I will take the initiative to find the company personnel and return the bonus.”

However, at the same time, he also thought this issue was being taken too seriously and felt he was being treated unfairly. If he wasn’t doing well at work, then he understood Gu Yu attitude, but it’s just a cactus! Gu Yu is so fierce and serious. Holding the phone, Zhang Si Yi felt like crying. Indeed, if he was standing in front of Gu Yu, rather than holding a mobile phone to communicate with each other, Zhang Siyi would have cried tears.

Just as he was feeling sorry for himself, Gu Yu returned a message. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Gu Yu sent him an animated emoji! It was in the same picture-series as his underarm crying he sent before. Gu Yu was a little fox holding a tearful kitten and gently touching his head.

Zhang Siyi didn’t know how to describe his feelings. Gu Yan, the man who didn’t use the exclamation mark, would even send him a “touching head” emoji-expression. What is this?

Since their conversation was becoming tenser, the emoji was clearly used as a buffer. As if they both perceived the sour mood, they used the emojis to play and lighten the atmosphere.

Soon, Gu Yu followed up: “I am not thinking about the bonus. I want attitude.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Gu Yu: “Since the company has already issued a list of bonuses, it won’t be withdrawn. If you don’t want to be punished afterwards, it is better to start raising your cactus now.”

Zhang Siyi: “I know……”

Hey, I said that the cactus is the best plant. Why does he feel like a Buddha now? With the consequences, you can’t take care of anything else!

Looking through the animated emoji’s Gu Yu sent, Zhang Siyi started to feel relieved. He boldly asked: “If I may ask, how did you find out that I changed the plant?”

Gu Yu was silent for a long while. He sent a group of seven to eight photos to him at once. All of which were photos of the cactus!

From its appearance on the big ball, through a growth period, to when it was cut off and transplanted, and lastly an independent green, furry, sphere growing with vitality. There was a huge contrast between these images and the ball sitting on Zhang Siyi’s window sill. However, he still can’t see the difference between the two balls. They are almost the same. How did Gu Yu recognize it?

Gu Yu quickly sent another explanation: “All the cactus will gradually increase in number during the process of growing up. From the top one edge is divided into two edges to meet the needs of the sphere’s continuous expansion. I went to see the ball a few months ago. Its ribs are already very clear. There are six in total, but the counterfeit goods you brought have only five.”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Gu Yu said again: “Also, the node on the outer surface of the sphere is milky yellow, and the fake one is only yellow-green.”

Zhang Siyi: “………” He felt even more ashamed.

He was wrong. He shouldn’t question Gu Yu’s observation skills ever. He won’t dare to be smart again! But in this way, Zhang Siyi has learning something about Gu Yu. He really seems to like the cactus. Will a normal person remember such small details?

Zhang Siyi asked weakly: “Are you just angry?”

Gu Yu usually does not feel like the kind of personality that will be discussed in people on WeChat, but just the momentum, the speed of sending messages, gives Zhang Siyi an aggressive feeling.

Gu Yu admitted: “Yes.”

Gu Yu: “I have long found that you have changed, but the end of the month was too busy and there wasn’t time to ask you.”

Zhang Siyi: “I really know it’s wrong and I’m not going to do it again …”

Gu Yu: “Okay. You admitted your faults and your attitude is still good, so I will close my eyes for now. You are saved this time, but as for forgiveness, I don’t forgive you. I’ll see your performance afterwards.”

So, Gu Yu is not going to forgive him now? Also, the cactus’s future is still uncertain…

With a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, Zhang Siyi felt troubled. “Is there anything else so you will forgive me quickly?” If this matter isn’t quickly rectified, he is afraid of going to work and facing Gu Yu. He has always had a hard time dealing with mental stress and he doesn’t want to work with guilt all the time.

Gu Yu: “Are you so desperate to ask for my forgiveness?”

Zhang Siyi said in truth: “Yes. If you don’t forgive me, I feel bad in my heart.”

Gu Yu: “…”

For two to three minutes, Gu Yu was silent. Then he sent another message: “Then, play the violin for me.”

Zhang Siyi saw the sentence and froze. As his mind was processing the information, his cheeks burned like a fire! He had used a lie on the train to cover up his deficiencies. With someone with a superb memory as Gu Yu, is it possible he forgot? Then…. Then, what is Gu Yu asking……? What does he mean?

Zhang Siyi’s heart leaped wildly, and he calmly asked: “Oh, what do you want to listen to?” If there is only one song, it should be possible to practice it for a while.

Gu Yu: “Oh, really? Is this a promise?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Damn it, are you just kidding me?

Gu Yu took a moment to think then replied: “I want to listen to the song R.”

Zhang Siyi has not heard this song, so he hastened to search for it on the internet and listened to the song’s beginning…

“………………” Go to hell!


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  1. He knows he hasn’t played in years – remember his mom told him in their phone chat. He’s just getting his revenge.

    Thanks again for the chapter!

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  2. Keep lying for a few more times, you can just stay in the deep pit forever.
    Boss Gu is asking to play violin?! Is this really a serious issue? Why am I getting the smell of teasing and flirting?


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