助理建筑师 羲和清零 031

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 31: See Them Off


After saying goodbye to Shen Hao, Zhang Siyi wandered home. Learning about his friend’s current lifestyle, he felt apprehensive about going out and socializing with other old classmates. He didn’t want to get mocked and suffer 10,000 points of damage.

Zhang Siyi has been resting at home the last two days. Since his vacation time is running out, he decided to head back one day earlier. This weekend is his birthday so his mother was expecting him to stay home: “Why don’t you have a birthday at home and then go?”

Zhang Siyi said: “No. It’s too hectic to leave on Sunday. Besides, I made plans with my friends to have a birthday dinner.” Also, he didn’t dare stay at home for his birthday because he didn’t want to deal with his father. His mother would inevitably throw him a grand birthday and then his father would complain and make a scene about it.

His mom asked about his friends: “Are you having dinner with your friend that returned to China with you and now rent an apartment together?”

“Right. We three male students rent a house together,” replied Zhang Siyi, feeling stressed now that he knows what kind of books his mother reads in her spare time.

Mama Zhang: “Oh……”

His mother asked the housekeeper to prepare Zhang Siyi’s birthday longan egg flower soup in advance and after lunch he went upstairs to gather his things and came downstairs with his hands full. He saw a pile of things at the entrance of the house. He was shocked: “What is all of this?”

Zhang mother said: “This is your Father’s unit citrus. We have eaten too much so you can take the rest. There is also fresh shrimp and crab paste. You bring it with you to Haicheng, so you can eat well for the next several days.”

Zhang Siyi put his pack and violin case down next to the pile of ‘sweet-burden’ and exclaimed: “But it’s so much, I can’t bring all of that!”

“Oh, aren’t you driving to the station? I’ll get Mr. Wang to help. ”Zhang Mama screamed and was looking for Wang Hao to help bring these things to the car. His father came out of the study and frowned at everything in front of him.

His mother immediately greeted him with a smile and took the cup away from his father’s hands. She said softly: “Our son has to go. Let’s send him off together!”

His father pointed at the pile of big bags and said seriously: “You have given him so many things to go to Haicheng! If I am going to see him off, what will others think?”

Mother Zhang explained: “It’s just some fruit and food, what is the problem?” Besides, this is what I bought with my own money from your Welfare Unit.  Its not robbery, how can I not share it? The daughter of the old Le family also works in Haicheng. They let their driver personally come to pick her up every week. You are too careful all the time, you act like we are doing something wrong!” Feeling sad, Zhang mother choked up a little. This time she made no compromises. While placing the tea cup down she turned her head to wipe the corners of her eyes.

When Zhang Father Saw his wife’s appearance, he instantly raised his hand in surrender. He wasn’t enthusiastic, but he relented and said, “Just this once.” Then he went to go change his clothes.

Zhang Si Yi didn’t think it was a big deal. He didn’t realize it would cause such a commotion between his parents. Zhang Siyi was going to comfort his mother, but his mother turned to him quickly, and gave him a victory pose.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

His mother is not only a rotten woman, but also a top-notch acting lady… o(╯□╰)o

After changing into a dark colored, casual outfit, Father Zhang, helped bring the packages to the care.  Zhang Siyi also took a bag, and he did not dare to say anything behind his father. His father personally drove them to the station. Sitting in the back, he and his mother talked quietly. They parked the car in the lot and had to walk to the station entrance. His father personally helped him carry the bags of items to the ticket counter.

There were a lot of people coming and going on Saturday. Zhang Siyi’s eyes were sharp, and suddenly he saw a familiar figure in the crowd. Surrounded by a scarf and carrying a black backpack…. Gu Yu!!

Zhang Siyi blurted out and called to him. Gu Yu looked back and saw Zhang Siyi’s family of three, and he also stopped.

His sight rested on Zhang Siyi for two seconds then turned to the middle-aged man with the most domineering posture to his side. Gu Yu walked quickly over.

“Zhang … Secretary?” Gu Yu said with uncertainty. He was surprised to see Zhang Siyi.  Zhang Siyi felt embarrassed as he did not expect Gu Yu to directly called out his father’s title!” Even though it’s been so long since he saw Secretary Zhang, Gu Yu still remembered. His memory really is impeccable.

His father remained calm. Hearing Zhang Siyi call out to Gu Yu, his father immediately guessed who this person is. He reached out to Gu Yu: “What a coincidence, you were also home to visit your family?”

“Yes”, Gu Yu answered then humbly said: “Zhang Siyi is your son.”

Father Zhang said: “Zhang Siyi has been working in Haicheng and has come home to visit the past couple days. He has talked about you in admiration.”

Gu Yu took out his wallet and took a business card from inside and handed it to Zhang, respectfully. “If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.”

While watching the exchange, Zhang Siyi couldn’t help but think about how handsome Gu Yu demeanor looked.

His Father glanced at the business card and put into a safe pocket then responded in a polite way: “When we speak on the phone you can call me Uncle Zhang.”

Zhang Siyi’s mother was patiently waiting on the side then stepped forward when she saw them finish and gave a box of citrus to Gu Yu.  With a gentle voice she said, “I wish we had more time for proper introductions. Here take Siyi’s box of Citrus.”

Gu Yu refused: “No, thank you Aunt, but I will help him carry it home. I’m going the same direction anyway, so it’s not a problem.”

Holding Gu Yu’s hand, Mother Zhang patted it: “Don’t be so polite. We are from Ningcheng and thus, are like family when you are out of the station. I see that you are more mature than Siyi, so I will also ask you to take care of him in the future. I might have given this gift in the moment, but if you don’t accept it, I will have to give you an even bigger present next time.”

His Mother leaves no room for argument, so Gu Yu reluctantly accepts and thanks her. Zhang Siyi inwardly sighs.  Even though his Mother is an old rot, he hopes the light in her eyes is from the enjoyment of making a personal contact and not because of something else.  (=_=)

The train is getting ready to leave so they don’t have more time to talk. Gu Yu helped Zhang Siyi with half of the packages and then said goodbye to Zhang Siyi’s parents. Before leaving, Mother Zhang reached Zhang Siyi and whispered: “The fresh grapes in the red bag and the box of crab paste and shrimp are also gifts.”

Zhang Siyi: “I know……”  Gu Yu is a big bargain!

After watching the two of them leave and move towards the train platform, both of Zhang Siyi’s parents left. Gu Yu looked at the time and found the ticket gate smoothly. The conductor that checked the tickets was already moving forward through the crowd.

Zhang Siyi followed behind Gu Yu and asked, “What a coincidence! You bought a ticket for G750X’s train too?”

Now that Gu Yu has met his family, Zhang Siyi felt both afraid and excited. He feels apprehensive because he doesn’t want to be treated any differently now that Gu Yu knows his family background. But he is also getting excited because it is just the two of them together and meeting so coincidentally is like magic.

Gu Yu: “This train is the fastest.”

Zhang Siyi asked: “But the weekend isn’t over, why did you decide to go back today?”

The two of them lined up and slowly moved forward to get onto the train. Gu Yu turned his head and looked at him: “Why are you asking so many questions?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

“If I want to go back, then I will. What other reason do I need?” Gu Yu simply explained. He pulled his ticket out and glanced at it. “What is your seat number?”

Zhang Siyi looked at his ticket: “Mine is 5-12a.”

Gu Yu then asked: “Do you want to change seats or should I?”

Zhang Siyi was startled. Gu Yu is asking him to sit together?  “Well, I’ll change it.” How can Zhang Siyi feel good about making his boss change his ticket! He took the initiative to follow Gu Yu to his seat.

Gu Yu put the packages neatly on the shelf and let Zhang Siyi sit next to the window while Gu Yu sat in the aisle. Soon, a middle-aged woman was standing in the aisle looking at them. Gu Yu took Zhang Siyi’s ticket and politely asked her to switch seats to 5-12a. Du Rui was right, Zhang Siyi thinks. Privately, Gu Yu is very gentle. With his demeanor and looks, no one can refuse him.

After the train got moving, Zhang Siyi wanted to find a topic to talk about with Gu Yu, but his mobile phone suddenly rang. Gu Yu looked at it and said to Zhang Siyi: “Your fathers sent a text message and asked us if we got on the train ok.”

Zhang Siyi: “Ah?”

Gu Yu handed the phone to Zhang Siyi’s direction and raised an eyebrow and asked: “Are you ok?”

Zhang Siyi touched the nose, a little awkward: “He is sent it to you. You reply.”

Gu Yu typed out a string of words on his mobile phone. Zhang Siyi was staring at his slender fingers to see, thinking, why is his father sending messages to Gu Yu and not to himself?

Who the hell is old Comrade Zhang’s son? Why does it seem like Gu Yu is his babysitter?”

After a while, Gu Xiao’s mobile phone shook again. He looked and suddenly smiled. He leaned over and tilted his phone to let Zhang Siyi read the contents.

Father Zhang had made a speech and in it, he said that Zhang Siyi was usually playful and didn’t do things seriously. He has no perseverance, and his determination is low. If it wasn’t too much of a bother, he asked Gu Yu to discipline him and guide him. He also said that he didn’t need to be too polite and to tell Zhang Siyi honestly if has not done something well.

Looking, Zhang Siyi jaw-dropped, then he closed it and clenched his teeth. How could he talk about Zhang Siyi like that behind his back! It’s too much! He doesn’t know what Gu Yu is typing.

Laughing, Gu Yu replied to his father then put his phone away then he sighed: ”A long way to go hmm.”


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  1. Haha, this reminds me, my husband knows since we were in college that i’m a BL fan. Like, when i reach the qouta of books i’m allowed to borrow for a week, i’d ask him to borrow books from our uni library for me and sometimes of those are LGBT related. He’d just sigh and do it for me, lol. And now he’s so careful when looking at my external hard drive for some new series to watch, like he’d ask me first “is this safe for me to watch?” hahaha. He actually tells me anything gay related he’d come across even if he isn’t a fan of BL. He’s the first to tell me that obama legalized gay marriage in the US. He’s so happy for me, and while it’s true that I’m happy with the news, it’s hilarious because we are Filipinos who are not even living in the US. So, now we have a 7-year old son. I won’t be a mom who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality. I’d accept and love my kid no matter what, but I really cringe at those who thinks ‘i want my son to be gay so i can ship him with his friend/this ideal person’, like that’s so messed up, omg get a grip, this is a real person, not a doll. It’s like when parents see their kids as an extension of themselves instead of individuals who have their own thoughts and feelings and personality.
    Anyways, just sharing my thoughts as a fujoshi mom, haha. thank you for the update.

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    1. Hahaha my husband complains I’m looking at men kissing again (usually BL manga) when he sees my laptop, and I tell him, “Why do you keep looking over my shoulder and then complain?”

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  2. I can empathised with the MC, but having both kind of good parents can be very interesting 😂😍😝😂😍😝😂😍😝😂😂😂

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