助理建筑师 羲和清零 015

Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 15: Business Cards


Gu Yu is the boss. Colleagues naturally will follow his lead. With the initial momentum started by Gu Yu, the other ten party members found all kinds of reasons to raise a toast to Zhang Siyi. The amount of alcohol is good. Ten enemies are not an opponent at all!

However, after a few more rounds, he was completely drunk, and his mind could not afford to retaliate against the idea of Gu Yu.

Before he was completely unconsciousness, Zhang Siyi braced himself and stumbled to the bathroom. He knew that he will pass-out this night, so he went to call Fu Xinhui. He had to take care of himself in advance, or else he would have no idea where he would end up.

The figure in the Mirror had become several. At every step towards the sink, the room spun. Zhang Siyi urgently tried to make a phone call, but his fingers don’t work properly. Finally, it connects: “Heartless Han…. Help….”

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “Drunk…. Can you pick me up…?”

Fu Xinhui: “Stupid, report the address.”

Zhang Siyi: “The Cantonese Restaurant at xxx Road…”

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Siyi couldn’t take it anymore suddenly, holding his stomach and retching.

At this moment, Gu Yu came. “Are you okay?” It’s been ten minutes since Zhang Siyi left for the bathroom. He was worried and came over to check on him. Zhang Siyi turned his head and saw the instigator to his misfortune standing not far from him, crossed arms and looking at himself with a playful face.

Zhang Siyi doesn’t know if it’s easier to see peoples’ true intentions after being drunk or not, but at the moment, in his eyes, he sees Gu Yu ‘s smirk, like a mischievous old fox. He looked at Gu Yu with wide open eyes. Trying to see through him, he wanted to express his indignation more clearly, but instead Gu Yu grew more handsome.

Gu Yu smiled and stepped closer, still not forgetting the sarcasm he said, “so little wine.”

Zhang Siyi anger keeps rising. What do you mean, “light drinker”? I am being toasted by nine people. Damn it!”

Gu Xiao was one step closer, mocking: “Can you still walk?”  He stretched out two fingers and waved them in front of Zhang Siyi, laughing and asking,” How many are there?”

Zhang Siyi’s felt his ire rising steadily and the liquor in his stomach was churning. He couldn’t help but twist his head and hold onto the toilet to vomit.” Gu Yan stood on the side and looked at him with disdain. He said, “Oh, fortunately, you didn’t get anything on me this time.” Zhang Siyi vomited seven or eight times in a one breath feeling suffocated. His legs finally felt too weak to stand so he slowly collapsed.

Gu Yu’s face changed, and he stepped forward to help him.

Zhang Siyi still has the last trace of his mind, and no matter how upset he feels, he instinctively grasps the helping hand. At this moment, the esophagus twitches, and the last bit of food residue in the throat is sprayed on Gu Yu’s arm!

Gu Yu’s body was stiff, and his face was dark. Stunned Zhang Siyi wanted to die in embarrassment. Red faced, Zhang Siyi desperately held onto Gu Yu, he unconsciously mumbled, “You must really hate…” After a glimpse of the end, he passed out.

Gu Yu: “……”

He rushed out to get a colleague to help him pick up Zhang Siyi then Gu Yu washed him arm with cold water. Since the meal was finished and Zhang Siyi was drunk, he went to assess the situation. Two other colleagues with poor alcohol tolerance were also a little drunk, but they weren’t so bad. He asked several people to make sure the two got home safely before dealing with the most drunk person, Zhang Siyi. “Who knows where he lives?” Although they are all colleagues, no one spoke up. The only clue Zhu Hongzhen had was that he lived near a subway station, but the specific address … he didn’t know either. The restaurant was at the busiest section of Haicheng.

Gu Yu hung his coat on his arm and said, “I’ll take him back to the company and throw him in the lounge for a night.” He didn’t expect Zhang Siyi to drink so much, let alone faint right after vomiting. He’s not sure if he should accompany Zhang Siyi to stay in the company for a night, or not. Maybe he will wake up then tell him his address, so he could go home.

As a few girls walked ahead, Zhu Hongzhen and Yuan Zhicheng offered to help get a taxi.

Exiting the restaurant holding onto Zhang Siyi, the people carrying him saw a strange young man. He had just got out of the taxi and asked, “Excuse me, are you Zhang Siyi colleagues?”

With a face of dignity and an impressive appearance, the girls looked at him with appreciation. For a while no one spoke.

Bi Lele slowed down and asked: “Oh, yes, who are you?”

“I am Zhang Siyi’s roommate. He just called me to pick him up here.” Fu Xinhui glanced at Zhang Siyi, who was unconscious, and frowned.

Just as Gu Yu settled the account to leave, he saw everyone blocking the door. “What’s the matter?”

Du Rui pointed to Fu Xinhui and explained what he said. Gu Yu looked at him intently nodding. He cautiously said: “Give Zhang Siyi a call, and we will see if it’s the truth or not.”

Fu Xinhui dialed the number, soon Zhang Siyi’s phone in his pocket was buzzing. Gu Yu pulled it out to see at a glance what ID the caller is, “Heartless Han”, he calmly confirmed that they did know each other, then put the phone back and let everyone go.

With a horrible hangover, Zhang Siyi woke up the next day with the feeling that his entire being was hollow. Recalling last night’s events, he sighed, despondent. In particular, the phrase, “fortunately you didn’t get anything on me this”, really made his head hurt. In Zhang Siyi eyes, it reinforced the notion that Gu Yu hated him. Pinching the bridge of the nose, Zhang Si Yi suddenly remembered, he seems to have thrown up on Director Gu’s body!

Struggling to get up and out of bed, Zhang Siyi slowly put his morning tasks in order, then went to the subway. Face haggard, he arrived at the building, and entered with hesitation. Although the travel to work helped Zhang Siyi clear his head from last night’s fiasco, he was afraid Gu Yu would continue to harass him, especially because it was the second time, he dirtied him. It’s going to be a hard day!

Before he could sit down, Bi Lele caught his attention. She looked at him with two eyes glowing and asked, “Who is the man who came to pick you up yesterday?”

“Ah? “Zhang Siyi confused said,” I don’t really remember how I got home, but it should be my roommate. He also studied abroad in the UK. What’s wrong?”

Bi Lele held his face and said: “He is so handsome and fashionable. I have a good feeling!”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Bi Lele anxiously asked: “Do you live together? Sleep in the same room?”

Zhang Siyi eyes smoked, he was too familiar with the ambiguous tone of Bi Lele, immediately denied: “Not in the same room!” Don’t take this the wrong way! He’s straight!

Bi Lele smirked: “I haven’t asked you anything, and yet Auntie Four, you seem to know full well!”

Zhang Siyi is going blow up, why does she suspect he and Fu Xinhui have an affair? It’s been more than once. Is he so gay? Or is Fu Xinhui special?

Just then, Gu Yu sent a message and asked him to go to the office.

With the Directors request, Zhang Siyi knew he must go to his office. Even though he doesn’t want to face Gu Yu, it is better than being with a daydreaming rotten girl.

When he entered the office, Gu Yu scanned him up and down as if to make sure, then asked: “How are you feeling? Did everything go ok last night?” Then he looked straight into Zhang Siyi’s eyes. His brain froze: Is he concerned or is this a play? Although suspicious, Zhang Siyi answered him frankly, “Fortunately I slept like the dead until this morning.”

Gu Yu nodded, handed him a rectangular plastic box with a large label, and said, “Here you are.”

“What?” Zhang Siyi reached out to take it over and he faintly saw the name through the matte surface inside. His heart jumped! This is a whole box of business card with his name and position clearly printed on them.


Zhang Siyi

Assistant Architect


Holding the business card to and for, Zhang Siyi was on cloud 9. To have his own card with the company logo, his name, email, and phone, with the same format as Gu Yu’s business card, including the same paper, is like a declaration. Zhang Siyi has persevered. Architecture was indeed the correct path, and this proves it.

He can have a business card, no…  He has his OWN business card ! ! !

Gu Yu saw Zhang Siyi’s undisguised joy on his face, and he also smiled. “Go, go back and work hard,” Gu Yu sent him out, not forgetting to inform him. “Remember to submit a picture before work at night.”

“Enn!” Zhang Siyi squinted and held his business card to get up, like holding a box of relics, the whole person was shining from head to toe, slowly drifting out. Zhang Siyi spent some time working on drawing but became distracted. He opened the box to look at his business card and imagined that he handed out a business card like a successful person. Zhang Siyi sat in his seat so happy, smiling and feeling light as a feather. Like a burst of holy light, his palpable excitement and joy was felt by the others in the room.

Zhu Hongzhen: “…” Where did the demons come from ….

Bi Lele: “…” light, someone is glowing ……

Yuan Zhicheng: “…” It’s so glaring ….

At noon, Zhang Siyi had eaten lunch and returned to his desk. He took out a few business cards and carefully stuffed them into his wallet. He was eager to use them, so he turned to Bi Lele and said: “I’m going to the convenience store to buy some chewing gum. Do you want anything?”

Bi Lele: “Great! Get me a bottle of cola. I am so sleepy.”

“Leave it to me.” Zhang Siyi with excitement went to the ground floor and bought his items in the convenience store. When he opened his wallet at the checkout counter and saw the brand new business cards in the transparent pocket of his wallet, he grinned from ear to ear.

On the way back to the company, an intermediary wearing a black suit jumped in front of him with arms stuffed with advertising and said: “handsome, how about a house? “Are you looking for one?” Zhang Siyi was a little annoyed, suddenly remembered the business card in the wallet, the brain flashes!

He put his daydreaming to practice and gracefully stood, pulled out his wallet and quickly selected a business card and offered it to him in one elegant motion.

“I am a little busy now, you can call me later.”

The other party took his business card eyeing him, then respectfully, and eagerly said: “Wow, no wonder I can spot talent. The handsome guy is an architect!” That person has specifically neglected the word “assistant” to his title, holding up the self-satisfied Zhang Siyi.

Then, the other party also pulled out a rumpled business card from his trouser pocket and greeted Zhang Siyi with a smile: “If you need a guy, remember to look for me!”

Feeling high, Zhang Si Yi smartly waved his hand and turned around to head back to the office. After walking a few meters away, he once again grinned from ear to ear and practically skipped back to his work desk. – ah! So cool!

Just finishing his lunch, Gu Yu spotted Zhang Siyi when he exited the restaurant. Trailing behind, he was witness to the whole exchange. ( ̄_ ̄| | |)


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I thought he said horses and I thought he was going to get a horse or look at horses until I read the next chapter… and realized he said houses…I’m only slightly disappointing…


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